Intro to University Life

I’m going to break University Life down into three different parts. This first part will be of the campus and the buildings found on campus along with what your sim can do inside each of them.

Schmidt Memorial Stadium and Annex:

Screenshot-19Here your sim can do the following: Stadium: Attend game or concert. Play collegiate sport: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Soccer, Raquetball, Volleyball, Rugby, Lacrosse or Cricket.     Annex: Nothing special just to visit.

Busche School of Science:

Screenshot-24Here your sims can attend the following classes: Advance disorders 202 class, inventing, science. They can just visit the building or donate or becoming a test subject.

Connors Student Union Building:

Screenshot-35At the student union building, your sim will go here after they first arrive onto campus for a meet and greet, get goodies and just mingle about. Your sims will also go here to attend lectures. There is a computer lab room and a science lab room. Upstairs there are vending machines, bathrooms, and game area.

Nichols School of Business:

Screenshot-23Sims can attend the following classes: writing and social networking. They can also just visit to pass time away.

St. John Administration Building:

Screenshot-22This is where your sim will want to go if they want to: apply for extra funds, talk to their academic advisor or request a roommate reassignment. (In case there is a roommate who is making everyone’s life in the dorm a nightmare!)

Thomas School of Art:

Screenshot-20There are a variety of classes to attend at the Art building, such as: Cooking, Writing, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Painting, Mixology, Street Art, Critiquing and Being critiqued. To earn some extra simoleons your sims can, pose nude for figure class. They can visit and find makeshift furniture.

Some other area’s on campus are:

Championship Lake:

Screenshot-42Enjoy a picnic by the lake or catch some fish.

School of Science of Proving Ground:

Screenshot-38Lot of things for your sims to discover here or just play with the gadget.

University Quad:

Screenshot-37Have a rebel sim? This is the perfect place to stage their next rally! Your street art sims will love the empty spaces to practice their street art or you can just hang out with your friends for an outdoor study group.

This will conclude your tour around the campus of University Life. Next up will be places your sims can visit off campus. See you soon!


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