Part 2 Intro to University Life off campus

Off campus you will find various businesses.

Like the theater. Attend movies, tour with or by their self, all the normal things.


University Bookstore

Screenshot-34For all your skill and reading books


Screenshot-41Just your normal grocery store.

Screenshot-44Just like the community pools you find in your home worlds

Screenshot-43Send your athletic sims here to pump some iron or send your nerdy sim here to try to impress that gal!

The Grotto


This is one of the new venues in UL. Send your geek sims and even rebel and jock sims here for some wall painting or just to hang out and make some new friends!

Screenshot-39Your sims can go on down to the Roasted Toasted Bean Coffee Shop for a caffeine buzz or grab one of those new herb drinks everyone on campus is raving about.

Screenshot-1000In need of some wholesome greasy food? Head on down to the burger restaurant for those simfully delicious burgers and fries

Screenshot-1001Your sims are sure to enjoy the comic shop. It’s just what your sims need to get a break from all that studying, homework and stress of college life and let loose a good laugh or two or they can just catch up on their favorite comic series.

I forgot to take a pic of the outside of the bowling alley. Just got one of some of the inside, the alley’s. But I didn’t want to wait till I sent another sim off and I don’t like taking pics in build mode, so going into edit town and then into edit University just wasn’t the answer. So for now I will post the inside pic and once another one of my sims goes off to University, I will then post an update here of the outside of the building.


Up next will be the residential homes, dorms, the Fraternity and sorority homes that are in University along with who lives in them.


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