Just a reminder and an update

It’s that time again. No, not to patch…had you going there for minute didn’t I! Haha. Sorry. This time it’s only about the upcoming Live Broadcast. On Tuesday, April 16,2013 at 10:00 a m (PST) The Sims 3 will be hosting a Live Broadcast on the next expansion pack, Island Paradise, set to be released June 25, 2013. In this broadcast, they will be doing demo’s on more of what you can expect in gameplay from this ep. Can’t watch it? No problem, I will be viewing it after I get done with work that day and will be posting a review of the broadcast. If you do plan on watching it, go here.


Now on to the update. Again, no this isn’t related to a game update. This is a creator update! How often does that happen! From Anubis comes 3 boots- updated and re-categorized for cooler weather wear! Yay and they happen to be boots that I absolutely love to put on my sims.

The Theia Boot– for teens through adult, download them separately. If you have the old version in game, take out before putting the new one in.


The Artemis Boot– Teen through adult, again take old version out first.


The Smooth Criminal Boot– teen, adult and elder, take old version out first.


That’s it for now. Going into my folders to remove the old and put the new in. Oh one more thing. All of these are available by download in .sims3pack or .package. Which ever way is your flavor for downloading CC.



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