4/16/13 Live Broadcast-The Sims 3 Islands Paradise

SimGuruRyan (Ryan Vaughan, Producer) started the broadcast off by giving us a brief run down on what was going to be covered on this broadcast. From the live demo of Island Paradise by Mike Zamora (SimGuruMike), a message from Sarah Holding (SimGuruSarah) and Lisa Smith (SimGuruSmitty).

Mike provided us a live demo of Island Paradise and running your own resort. He showed the tools that will be available in helping you run your resort through the Financial Panel. He took us into build mode and showed the new blue prints that will be available-resort rooms, amenities, pool bars and pools. There will also be a new lot available, 1/2 land and 1/2 water. In buy mode you can buy fire walk pits, windsurf boards, aqua sleds. You will also be able to edit in CAS all of your employees uniforms to match the type of resort you are running.

Some of the questions that came in from other simmers are:

  • Can your sims go to visit a resort? Yes. Your sims can visit resorts you don’t have to build and run one.
  • Can you have resorts in other worlds? Yes, you can build and run resorts in any other world you have installed from previous expansion packs and store worlds.
  • Can sims live on islands? Yes. In Island Paradise there are visible islands for your sims to visit and there are also hidden islands for your sims to discover. Once a hidden island is discovered it becomes a private lot, meaning it belongs to your sim or the sim that finds it.
  • Will there be a new hand gesture? Yes. There will be a new hand gesture for greet- Shock-a-brah.

And of course it wouldn’t be a Live Broadcast with questions to The Sims 3 team without the most famous question being asked.

  • Will there be new places for your sim to woohoo? Yes. There is a under water cave that your sims can enter into and have the option to woohoo.

Ryan then announced that Adidas has teamed up with EA to bring Adidas clothing and footwear to The Sims Freeplay. The message from Sarah Holding was the official announcement on the official name for the next stuff pack to come out in September 2013. The name will be The Sims 3 Movie Stuff stuff pack. As the name states, it will be a pack filled with movie theme items.

The final announcement came from Lisa Smith from The Sims 3 store. She announced that a new world will be released by the store in late Spring and will be released to EA/Origin and stores worldwide in late summer called, Dragon Valley. The sneak peek clip into the world, shows a bit of medieval times? And baby dragons will be coming our way.

To view the broadcast and hear everything that went on in todays broadcast go here.


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