Part 4 Intro to University Life: Misc. Lots

There are 5 area’s in UL where your sims can go to hang out, swim, fish, party, have a cook out, relax and listen to the waves or catch the setting sun. Here is a run down on those miscellaneous lots.

The Point: or as in the live broadcasts it was referenced as Make out Point. This area sits the highest above UL and offers a spectacular view of campus and beyond. There is a bon fire pit available here along with a keg ready for parties. You will also find a fire pit and a bbq. It’s also a nice secluded spot to take your date and sit back and look at the stars.


Down below is Senior Lake park, which is nicely placed by a lake that offers some great fishing, and other amenities.


Further inland is Just a Park. This area offers a bench, chess table, fire pit. It’s the perfect area to go when you just want to get away, but don’t want to go too far.


Down towards the water are Woodland Park and Llama Beach. No world would be complete without a beach!

Woodland Park offers parking, a bon fire, tables and bbq’s.


Llama Beach. Lay out in the sun by relaxing in one of the four lounge chairs offered, swim, fish, have a cook out with your friends, have a party here. Or it offers one of the most beautiful views of the sun setting in UL.

Screenshot-244 Screenshot-245

All of these area’s have something to offer for your university bound sim, to be able to break away from campus, campus life, studies and exams.

I hope you have enjoyed the 4 parts to University Life, and I hope it has helped in your decision as whether you want to get it or not.


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