New Challenges * New Solutions

This is the theme of this years National Crime Victims Rights Week, which starts today-April 21 – April 27, 2013.  The reason I bring this up on my blog, even though there is obviously no relation between this and what my blog is mostly about, my game has played a very crucial part. How? One may ask, is playing The Sims 3 related?  Read on.

It was September 29,2007. A beautiful sunny warm day in Baton Rouge, LA. My daughter (then 8) and I had just moved 2 months prior from Michigan (Upper Peninsula) to join my husband (father) who had relocated right after Hurricane Katrina (he had been in LA from the end of 2005).

I was at my job (I transferred) from early that morning and still waiting for our results to come in from the recent inventory that we had done. At 5:00 pm that day I said good-bye to my associates that I supervised over and have a good night, along with any final instructions. I headed out to my car. As I started my car and about to make an attempt to leave, I was struck in the head through my open window. As I looked up I saw a stranger standing outside my car. I screamed at him to go away, in a panic I tried everything I could to draw attention to me and my car. This made that person react faster. He entered my car, pushing me into the passenger seat. 12 hours later, after being raped repeatedly, I was able to escape into a motel in Dalton, Georgia as my captor had pulled over in the parking lot to sleep.  He was eventually captured and is now serving life in prison.

I went through a period of weeks that lead into months of “day-mares”. Nightmares that would haunt me during the day. These day-mares are worse than any nightmare one could have. With nightmares, you can get away from them by waking up. Day-mares- there is no escape, they make you want to crawl out of your skin to escape the memories. One of my older daughter’s had also moved to LA before me and she placed in my hand one day a PlayStation controller. She then put in The Sims Busting Out and told me to play. Through my daughter, I had found my escape from my day-mares. They couldn’t haunt me if my brain wasn’t sitting idle and allowing those memories to come crashing at me like angry waves. Thus began my insane love and obsession with The Sims.

Over time those memories have faded or at the very least don’t haunt me the way they used to. I can still recall everything that happened that day, the events that took place up to that time, everything during my captivity and everything after, just as if it had happened yesterday.

Victims come in all ages, crime doesn’t discriminate. You don’t have to be rich and powerful, beautiful or famous, young or old. You can’t recognize a victim, we wear no sign…just as criminals don’t wear a sign. But if you know of someone who has been a victim of a crime, stand beside them, offer them hope, strength and most of all love and understanding.

To all victims everywhere…You are not alone.




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