The Sims 3 Dragon Valley

If you haven’t heard by now, The Sims 3 store will be releasing their newest world, Dragon Valley on May 30, 2013 and will make it available to retail stores on August 6, 2013, worldwide.  Here is what the story behind Dragon Valley by The Sims 3 store team;


“About The Sims™ 3 Dragon Valley
Welcome to Dragon Valley, a land of myth and fantasy. It’s been years since any adult dragons have terrorized this peaceful town but it’s not yet time to rest. The elven Sims of Dragon Valley are working to ensure that their military is up to par, their citizens are prepared for disaster, and that the scientific techniques they’ve used to keep the dragonlings small stay intact. The skies may be clear for now, but beneath the surface a conflict is brewing between the Mithrilen and O’Connell families for control of town. It’s tradition vs. progress; on which side will you stand?”

“You all walk around with dragons on your arms as pets. But don’t you see? We’re just recovering; we’ve finally rebuilt after the original Dragons ravaged our land.
The O’Connells “land” in our world with their way of taming dragons and we’ve been following them ever since! When it was we Mithrilens that used to keep the town safe!”
Don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes.  Just look at the dragons. They are supposed to be “babies” but each one does something more dastardly than the last!
This will only end in misery.  Let me help you.  The Mithrilen family knows our ways, our traditions, and our bond with the land.  Let me guide you to safety, before it’s too late. Mithrilen for Mayor Before it’s too late.”

SimGuruPoptart has a blog where she gives us some more insight behind Dragon Valley and it can be read here. 

Now for some screenshots from inside this new world and what you will see.

World_ScreenshotWeb_DragonValley001 World_ScreenshotWeb_DragonValley004 World_ScreenshotWeb_DragonValley012


It looks like there will be two editions, Standard for 100 simpoints and includes: Red Dragon (premium content) and the world. The Gold edition will be  1900 simpoints and includes: Red Dragon, Celtic lands and world.

In addition, there are some great sets you can purchase from the store that will blend perfectly with your new world. They are: Full Interior Castle set, The Complete Castle Kit by Castle Kits, Inc., More Magic, Faire Folk Furnishings and attire, Once Upon a Time Cottage and the Stones Throw Greenhouse.

The question is…Are you going to buy this new world? Who will your sims side with- the O’Connells or the Mithrilen’s?


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