Live Broadcast May 23, 2013

Sorry so late getting this posted. The Sims 3 will be hosting a Live Broadcast on Thursday, May 23, 2013 at 10 am PDT. This broadcast will dive more into the new world set to be released on May 30 from TS3 store, Dragon Valley. While this world looks to be Medieval themed, my guess is that it is a mixture of Medieval, modern day and maybe a bit of Alien?  Producer Lisa Smith or as us simmers know her, SimGuruSmitty, will take the viewers on a game play demo of Dragon Valley, the first ever to be given. To learn more about Dragon Valley click here. Join on Facebook for the broadcast.


But that isn’t all that will be going on during this Live Broadcast, get ready to be introduced to a few of the developers who are currently working on The Sims 4 set to be released in early 2014!  Want to stay abreast of the most current going’s on in The Sims 4? Click here to join their email list.


With a little over a month left to go, there is still time to pre-order your copy of The Sims 3 Island Paradise. Those that pre-order will also be eligible for the premium content, Island Survival Pack. This EP is packed with more than just your sim living on a relaxed island, living on a houseboat that you can also design, building that dream home over the water, discovering hidden islands. Your sims will be able to, if you should decide to take the mission, create and run your very own uniquely styled Resort. Would your sims run just an average Resort or a 5 star Resort? Plus! You will have the ability to now go underwater with your sims! Scuba dive/snorkle to discover caves that may have monsters or mermaids? Yes…mermaids! But that’s not all your sims will find down under…look for those treasure chests too, watch the underwater life. Who knows what your sim may see! If your pre-order and score on the limited edition pack, your sims will be able to live on an island as a cast away! What fun! Think of the stories you will be able to create with this EP, I can think of a few…

5_TS3_IslandParadise_DevBlog2 limited_edition_special_image EP10_770x390_3


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