Dragon Valley, The Sims 4, What’s coming to The Sims 3

If you happened to miss the live broadcast on Thursday May 23, 2013, here is a recap to what was covered:

Ryan Vaughan (SimGuruRyan) started the live broadcast by telling us what we could expect from this broadcast but also what is coming to The Sims 3.


– The next stuff pack to be released, The Movie Stuff, (not sure if that’s the exact name) will be released sometime in September. This stuff pack will be packed with movie themed items for all you movie or machinima makers out there.

– Hold onto your seats for this one! Just when we thought that Island Paradise could be the very last expansion pack to be released, guess again! SimGuru Ryan announced that sometime in October we will be getting another expansion pack! However he didn’t release a name for this pack or give any hints as to what it will be about. Could that one be the one previously mentioned in regards to teleporting our sims to the future? Hmmmm.

– Origin is offering a two for one deal on The Sims 3 worlds, Hidden Springs and Monte Vista.

Next he introduced us to a special guest. Rachel Franklin Exec. Producer of The Sims 4. She then let it out that our very own Ryan Vaughan will be working on TS4! More of who is working on this next phase of The Sims series will be announced on June 18, 2013 during the next live broadcast.

Dragon Valley was saved for last with the very first ever demo given by SimGuruSmitty or Lisa Smith from The Sims 3 store. During the demo she showed what the baby dragons can do, and there are 3. Green dragon who is earth, Purple dragon who is friendship and Red dragon who is mischievous. The green dragon can help those sims who are gardeners and have huge gardens by harvesting the garden plus other things. The purple dragon will summon a sim and upon that sim appearing in front of your sim, they are instantly friends. The red dragon is the one who will spit flame balls at another sim and other mischievous things.

Some of the questions that came in on Dragon Valley include:

  • Are dragons limited to just Dragon Valley and how do you get them? No the dragons are available to play in all worlds, they can be found in Buy Mode.
  • Will baby dragons grow up? No. The story behind Dragon Valley, is that when the O’Connell’s arrived in Dragon Valley, they brought with them the technology of being able to keep the baby dragons small. The baby dragons will also never die, they will live forever and they can not burn the town down.

That’s about all that  was covered during this broadcast, if you would like to view it in its entirety, go here. Have a good night, happy weekend, and keep on simming!  



2 thoughts on “Dragon Valley, The Sims 4, What’s coming to The Sims 3

  1. the-sims-4 says:

    EA & Maxis did a great job with the previous two Sims 3 expansion packs, University life and Island Paradise. So, I can’t wait to add the movie theme expansion pack to my Sims 3 collection. Right now though, the upcoming unveiling of Sims 4 at Gamescom on 20th August has been receiving all the hype. I’m eager to see what the next edition in the Sims franchise will look like.

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