News from around the Sims

Wondering what’s happening with The Sims 3? What’s coming up? Go grab a cuppa coffee, sit down and stay a spell.

Next Tuesday, June 8 (2013) The Sims 3 will be hosting another and final live broadcast for Island Paradise, which will also include some more surprise visits from the team who will be bringing you The Sims 4. I’m guessing some other announcements will also be made, such as the next patch that will be coming out any day now. Yup, you heard right, another patch. I know, I know. When I hear the word Patch and it’s linked to The Sims 3, I groan. The last patch I had issue’s with and so did the majority of the community. That wasn’t anything to do with our end…that one was all on them.  But also because I know that I will have to ready my game by removing my mods folder, pull some out and wait…wait…wait for those creators to update. All the while I’m dying to get into my game. Anyway. If you want to and can catch this next broadcast, go here. Remember it’s Tuesday June 8 at 10 am PST.  I will be reviewing it and posting my version on the 19. Island Paradise is scheduled to come out on June 25, still plenty of time to pre-order!

Don’t forget the challenge being brought to you by The Sims 3. If they get 4k pre-orders by the 21st everyone who did will get a FREE copy of Barnacle Bay, a world brought to us by The Sims 3 store for your pirate loving Sims. Go here to learn more. According the current progress bar, they are at 1k. COME ON PEOPLE LETS HIT THAT 4K! Want to know more about Barnacle Bay? <—– click on it

According to Beyond Sims, Island Paradise will be the only world that offers your Sims the ability to go under water, discover uncharted islands. Why? SimGuruGraham answered by saying because the older worlds don’t offer deep enough oceans or water and there is no ability to make hidden islands in CAW. Unless there is a talented modder out there who can crack it and make a mod that will deepen the waters and make islands hidden in CAW. This ought to keep some of those modders busy. They also gave a hint to what we can expect from the new patch. Our Sims will have the option of being able to travel/move in-between worlds. Meaning, Island Paradise is a resort island. Who wouldn’t want to take their already in game Sims to a resort?  Or maybe just move them there after they go on their retreat. This will be great tool for all those legacy writers out there. I know it’ll make my story go a lot smoother without having to save the families to the bin and transplant them into a new world. However, it’ll cost your Sims some precious simoleons, about 20,000. Can you say…MOTHERLODE?

In the rumor mill, it was recently tweeted about the name the next expansion pack to come out after Island Paradise. I have mentioned before that during one of the broadcasts, it was announced there would be another one coming out later this year, but at that time there was no name and a hint of what it would be about…sending our Sims into the future. Here is what the rumored name will be according to this source who saw this on EA’s Legal Notice page.


After following the link, and scrolling all the way down to where The Sims 3 began, I did not see this posting. Could EA have removed it? Or has it been changed to The Sims 3 Teaser? See for yourself.

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