So what are you waiting for?

Scuba diving, building resorts, discovering caves beneath the sea, finding mermaids, living on a houseboat you design, getting lost on an uncharted island. The list goes on as to what your Sims will experience with this ep!


So come on simmers! The Sims 3 needs your pre-orders for Island Paradise! Take the challenge and lets hit that mark of 4k orders before the 21!  Currently they are at 2k and that meter hasn’t moved all…weekend…long. Click on that pic below and pre-order the most fun filled ep yet to come out of The Sims 3! As a bonus, those that pre-order during the time of June 7-21 will receive the world Barnacle Bay. Those of us who had already pre-ordered & those that order after the 21,  will also get it providing the community hits that 4k mark during the time limit.


So come on! What are you waiting for!


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