Dragon Valley and more

Long overdue and sorry about that. Here is just a sample of Dragon Valley. I have written a complete tour section for Simtech Forums next magazine, Simplistic, issue that will hopefully be published at the beginning of July. We have run into a few snags along the way, but all of us are diligently working on getting this next issue done.

Meet the Dragonlings.

The Green Dragon


The Green dragon does the following:

  • Harvests plants
  • Summons treasure
  • Helps your sim gain skill levels in gardening
  • Fulfills your sims needs to use the bathroom and eat

The Red Dragon


The Red dragon will do the following:

  • Cast a fiery torment on another sim nearest to yours
  • shoot fireballs at another sim
  • Help your sim gain skill levels in athletics
  • Fulfills your sims needs of sleep and hygiene

The Purple dragon


The Purple dragon will do the following:

  • Make your sim the “life of the party”
  • Summon someone new (your sim will gain instant friend level with this sim)
  • Summon a friend
  • Cast a Rune Charm on another sim that is closest to your sim
  • Help your sim gain skill levels in charisma
  • Fulfills your Sims needs of entertainment (fun)

The Black dragon


This one needs to be unlocked by purchasing The Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire

The Black dragon will do the following:

  • Cast a Phantasmal Curse on another sim
  • Summon the death flower
  • Summon a ghost
  • Help your Sim gain skill levels in Logic
  • Fulfills your Sims needs for eating and sleeping

A few pics from the world

grave yard Screenshot-10 Screenshot-13 Screenshot-15 Screenshot-19 Screenshot-22

And now some shots from the new patch items.

This one is just a home I threw up after placing the new lot option.



From the new blueprint section in build mode- the pool blueprints. There is quite the selection to choose from making it real easy to design your awesome pool for your sims. This is what I started out with and after moving, reviewing, deleting, adding, accepting and re-decorating what my finished project looks like.

Screenshot-544 Screenshot-548 Screenshot-549 Screenshot-550

One of the other new objects added is the ladder. I put this one in my sims bedroom just for show

Screenshot-552 Screenshot-553

And there you have it. A sample look into the dragons in Dragon Valley, the world and new objects added to the game via the latest patch.



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