Is Tuesday ever going to get here? Who else is waiting so impatiently for IP to be released! I actually thought that with the EP being essentially done, one would of thought that there would of been an early release. Hey they did it for Seasons, why not IP?

So I decided to scope out the IP forum over at And would you believe someone actually posted that Target has it on sale now? And they would of bought it if it didn’t cost 80 bucks. Well. I just had to check this out for myself, so I hopped onto Targets website. This should answer anyone’s question as to whether Island Paradise is indeed on sale right now.


So I don’t know what Target store this particular simmer went to. But who would go through the trouble of grabbing it off the shelf (if it indeed is on the shelf), bring it all the way to the check out, have the cashier scan it just to say “No thanks.” Seriously?? If it was on sale today, I would of bought the damn thing! Just saying….






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