Off to Isla Paradiso we go

My pre-ordered download through Origin came through at about 11:30pm on Monday. Downloaded along with the bonus packs of the Island Survival pack and the costume pack. I had to wait for a separate email that came the following day for my additional bonus of Barnacle Bay. Having Tuesday off from work, don’t know how that managed to happen, but glad it did as I stayed up until 2:30 am playing! I would of been one tired puppy if I had to work. Anyways! Let’s dive into Island Paradise and the Isla Paradiso, then shall we?


When it comes to building your houseboats, the will be a range of options of how big, small, barge or bow shape base you want.

choosing a houseboat option





So after I built my boat, I decided it was time to do some cheating, yeah I know. Bad Mamaj, bad! But in order to get the next awesome underwater screenshots, I had to max out my sims scuba diving skill. So off to Davey Jones Locker! ( I know what your thinking here. I thought the same thing and immediately thought of Johnny Depp and The Pirates of the Caribbean after I saw one of the other dive spots, The Pearl!) Okay, so back to the game.  Shall we go under?

When you send your sims out to scuba dive, you will anchor up to the buoy that marks the spot ( pardon the pun, you’ll find a lot more before I’m done!). Then they will get into the water, do their famous “spin” into the correct chosen diving gear and well go down under.

Right off the bat, I had a mermaid appear. So my sims decided to chat it up with her, then the female sim decided she had enough for the day and went back to the houseboat while my guy decided to check things out.


Screenshot-558 Screenshot-559





Having fun in Isla Paradiso. Here my gal is enjoying a game of splashing in the water, riding the Aqua Sled.





Then I decided to see if I could run my own resort. The best way to tackle running your own resort is to purchase for $0 simoleons, is the run down resort. Of course you can probably purchase one of the other upscale ones available, but to get my feet wet I chose to buy the run down one and try to turn it around. This is what it looked like when I arrived at my newly acquired resort, before renovations took place and it is still a work in progress.

Screenshot-573 Screenshot-575

I had my gal relax, while I went into build mode. Looking at the reviews option, I learned what guests were saying about my resort, and it told me what they wanted to see or would of liked to see. So next I put in my first pool with a pool bar, after a few payday’s, I changed the guest houses, (which you have to have) added two other pool area’s, a firewalk, a hot tub and spruced the place up some.

Screenshot-576 Screenshot-578 Screenshot-577

My resort is off to a good start. I’m up to a 3 star resort, looking for that 5. Oh I also added a gym. So my resort will be under a constant WIP.

If you’re wondering what the cheat is to unlock all the hidden islands, here it is. Ctrl+shift+C (to bring up the cheat box) “testingcheatsenabled on” – “Discoverallunchartedislands **without the quotation marks**

SimGuruGraham has a blog post up in the forums on The Sims 3, that will guide you through houseboats, and Edit Town for adding ports to other worlds.

Over at SimsVip they have a post on how to Move and place diving spots in other worlds.

That’s it for today folks, as I’m having issues with this post. Some of my wording isn’t coming out. What’s missing: What my sim discovered while exploring the cave, some other shots from my game, Full moon rising, setting as sun rises, another shark appeared after my sim went into a cave and the Kraken, which circled my sims boat two times, which lead them to leave the area the next day so they wouldn’t become Kraken food. Oh and the houseboat option I chose was curved bow, wide.





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