Bye…for now

No, I’m not ending my blog. But I will be MIA for a week and a half or so. Heading back to the UP of Michigan to attend a daughters wedding. So, in between getting things around, packing, making sure the vehicles are up to par for our 1500 mile road trip and working, I did manage to get in some serious game time with my sims. Remember that Resort I started? Well, I started another one and it hit 5 Star Resort status.

5 star resort unlock

Cool. An island unlocked. This is my island, still not sure what I want to do with it. Build a home on it or now that I’ve sold my two resorts and made a cool 500,000+ simoleons, build another. This is what I will contemplate on while I’m on the road.


In other game play, I sent another family in Sunlit Tides out for a day on the water boating and waterskiing!

Josh was the first one up for trying it out, looks like he is doing rather well…


Wait…I think  I spoke to soon… he seems to have that “OH SHIT” look on his face


Ha! Face plant!


Ouch that must of hurt.

Next up was Ed. Don’t ask…


I don’t know why he decided to go skiing in his formal.

And last but not least…


I guess this ghost was getting a little tired of his “blue” look and wanted to suntan a little. Guess he was going for that “dirty water” look.

Twallan is still updating his mods, check out his update history testing, State of the Mod or Update history.

I will be putting up a home in the downloads section on Friday afternoon (late afternoon). There will be no furnishings provided, No third party CC, just TS3 store CC.

That’s it for now….images (1)




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