TS3 LB 7/23/13

Hosted by none other than Ryan Vaughan-Producer of The Sims 3 and now for The Sims 4, The Sims threw another live broadcast complete with demo’s of the next upcoming EP, a sneak peek into the next and final stuff pack Movie Stuff and more info on The Sims 4, including who else from the team joined in creating the next phase of those beloved sims.

Up first were Brittney Henry and Lauren McLemore who shown the announcement trailer and announced the name to the next expansion pack set to be released on October 23, 2013- The Sims 3 Into the Future expansion pack. Due to some technical issues that came up during their live demo play, their demo was cut and they were not able to complete it. In Into the Future, your sims will be able to travel into the future to a world called Arcadia Landing, where they will experience everything futuristic from hovering cars, scooters, bots, jet packs, plumbots with personalities and their descendants. Anything futuristic can be brought back to the old world when your sim returns via a time portal. New careers will await your sims too:

  • become a Self Employed Bot dealer
  • Futuristic Astronomer
  • Bot Arena- where more options will be available

Then Lisa Smith from The Sims 3 store came in to give us a live demo of the new venue that’s available for download now in The Sims 3 store, Business as Usual Bistro. With this venue, your sims can now run their own bistro. Your sims will be able to hire/fires chefs, set their hours, set food costs for menu all through the industrial oven which also comes with menu’s that will have dishes from WA and Monte Vista Bread Oven. The better skilled your chef, the better the food served and the more menu options are available.

Sarah Holding gave us a peek into the next and final stuff pack- Movie Stuff. This pack will be packed with nothing but costumes and furnishings for your sims to play out their Western, Hero & Villian or Spooky Horror story.

And finally, Ryan introduced the newest member to The Sims 4, Graham Nardone. Now not being able to release too much information on TS4, Graham did throw out some pictures. He also announced that on August 20, EA will be announcing The Sims 4 at a press conference at Gamescom 2013, in Germany, at 7 am PST.  On August 24 at 8 am PST for the first time EVER, the whole world will be able to see The Sims 4 in a live demo play! WOO!

Links to view:

Live Broadcast

Announcement trailer for Into the Future

Movie Stuff Trailer Part 1


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