Two new sets at The Sims 3 store

Within weeks of each other, The Sim 3 store has released two new sets, Business as Usual Bistro and Surf’s Up Sun and Fun Collection.

In the Business as Usual Bistro, your sims now have the ability to run their own restaurant. The higher skilled your chef is the more menu options there will be for consuming sims to order. You will also have the ability to hire or fire employee sims. Have more than one stove/oven in your bistro? Hire another chef! This set reminds me of the days of Back to Business-Sims 2. 15 items come with this set including the premium content It’s Business Time Industrial Oven. Buy your set now for 1900 SimPoints.

Here’s what your sim will gain from the Industrial Oven:

  • Make all of the executive business decisions and open your very own restaurant, be it a local burger dive or a high-class establishment serving only the most decadent food.
  • Create a menu of existing recipes, custom tailored by you, to open the restaurant of your dreams!
  • Set your Food Markup from 50% to 150%. Your customers will let you know if they think your food is worth the markup!
  • For the Line Cook that always arrives on time and will prep food for hours on end, consider showing your appreciation by promoting them to a Sous or Executive Chef, or else they may become disgruntled and find a new job.
  • Hungry while the chef is out? Fix a Quick Meal with the prepped ingredients to instantly create a delicious single serving meal!

New moodlets:

What a Value!
Good Deal
Very Expensive



The Surf’s Up Sun and Fun Collection, comes with 19 items and includes the premium content Surf’s Up Sun and Fun Wave Station. Have Island Paradise? Running your own resort? Then this will add that extra touch of fun to your resort. On sale now for 1200 SimPoints until 8/8/13 then it goes for 1400 SP’s.

Here’s a run down on what your sim will gain from the Wave Station:

  • Prepare to be the ultimate surfer by learning tricks like Hang Ten, the Cutback, and a Handstand!
  • Beware of the Loose Seal in oceans and ponds! She may cause a gnarly wreck and break your board!
  • Proudly display your broken board so you will always remember the time when your Sim was Almost a Meal.
  • Spend some time practicing and your Sim will be able to attempt tricks on an easy wave, but becoming a master will allow for an even bigger wave while landing nearly every trick.

New moodlets:

Nice Wave
Mondo Wave
Loose Seal
Almost A Meal


Shaka Brah, simmers!


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