The Sims 4 (Edited 8/23/13)

Sorry for my delay in posting an update to The Sims 4 and Gamescom 2013, internet issues.

Now that I’m all caught up on what’s coming about, seen the trailer, saw the official announcement…I can say with all honesty, The Sims 4 does look interesting, I’m intrigued to see more and in all honesty, the jury is still out for me as whether I will actually buy it. I’ve spent a lot of moola, and I mean a TON of it on The Sims 3 franchise. Some of it disappointing, some of it pleasurable and met expectations. It’s all of it that has/had kept me coming and going back for more. In order for me to say, “Heck ya I’m going to drop $$ on this next phase!” I have to see more than just the new options that will be made available to us.

In CAS, no more sliders, (a plus in a way, but the down side- no more mods) all you have to do to tweak your sims is focus on the area, click and drag. Saggy boobs your forte?   No problem just click on the breasts and drag down. Want your sims to have a huge bootie? Again click on their behind and drag out to how big you want it. So your new sim is going to be a couch potato. Why not customize your sim to look the part. Enlarge them to have that 12 pack (of juice/beer, whatever) belly and a secretaries butt. Broaden their shoulders out, for your athletically inclined sims. Tweak their eyes, mouth, nose, jaw, cheeks, to make your sim come to life.

new cas ts4 1new cas ts4 2cas 3cas 4cas 5

New tools for designing your sims new home. Now you’ll be able to pick up a whole room, furniture and all and plop it down somewhere else. The click and drag tool for the walls make designing your home easier.

build 1build 2build 3

View the Official announcement made at Gamecom and watch the Official trailer.

The Sims 4 pre-order

Origin ($69.99)

The Sims (link error)

Amazon ($59.99) Premium Edition which includes: Flaming Tiki Bar and Spectacular Party Costumes and Laser Light Show with New parties, outfits, decorations and Recipes- list price $79.99– $79.96! 

**While on Amazon, I noticed that they are giving a release date of December 31, 2014. So with no official release date stated by The Sims 4 or EA, this date could possibly change.**

Will you be bringing your sims to the next phase and come to life?

****Still photo’s are taken from The Sims 4, EA trailers****


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