Still waiting

The Sims 3 or as they now call themselves, The Sims, held a Live Broadcast on Into the Future yesterday, August 22, 2013. However, due to my work schedule at the time I would of been able to view it, I was promptly readying myself for work. A-lass, here I am a day later and still waiting for the replay. I have search the forums looking for an answer, yeah that was a waste of my time, no one is talking about it and the link provided goes right straight to Gamescom and the “live” feed. Um…it isn’t “live” anymore. It’s a bunch of trailers on a replay loop and people talking on a loop. Yeah, I watched the whole dang thing. So instead of providing you information on the upcoming next EP to come out of EA studio’s, I have this to show you, courtesy of Curtis Pradis’ twitter page. Now I’m not exactly sure what you are looking at here, but I’m going to give it a shot. I’m going to guess this has something to do with which type of “Future” you are going to be allowed to travel too. And I’m also going to go out of limb here and say that the reason why Dystopian and Utopian Futures say “Trigger this Event” means there is something that your sim will do or has to do in order to open these two types of futures to be able to travel to. Once the live broadcast is up for viewing, sometime in my near future, I’m hoping they will dive into this a bit more. Until then simmers, keep on simming!




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