Update Edited 9/14/13

Don’t worry, it’s not a game update. This one is for MC (MasterController). I thought about just adding this to my other post, but decided to make just a quick single post.

Twallan has updated MC and DeBugEnabler, along with a fix to Register. He also mentions in his State of the Mod post that he will continue with updating Register to get it back on track.

MC  ****You will need to update your version to 121 if you have previously downloaded version 120****



State of the Mod (in case anyone wants to see what issues where found/fixed)

Remember to pull your old versions out before putting in the new versions. Always back up your game just in case, as we all know anything can go wonky it is The Sims 3 after all. 😉 Clean out your cache files after deleting and putting in copies of the new mods.


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