Pre-ordering ITF? Update 9/23/13


You may encounter this when trying to do it through Origin, if you haven’t pre-ordered already.


I’m waiting to see if I get any kind of response by posting it in TS3’s forums. I won’t wait long, as this EP is set to come out in less than a month. I’ll give them another two weeks to get whatever it is that is going on straightened out, otherwise it’s off to to pre-order it. I already have their app downloaded to my pc for my digital copy to go in, and it will be joined (maybe) by TS4 when it comes out.

Giving it another try, I took the chance and went on Origin just to see what would happen if I tried to do my pre-order for ITF. YES, it went through! So whatever was going on, I’m glad it was finally fixed.


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