Midnight Hollow a TS3 world

This town is surrounded by mountains and fog that dims out the sun, thus causing most of the plants to have a dark “dead” or “haunting” look. Even the water in the lakes/ponds look dark, past the mountains where the sea is, it is just as dark and uninviting.

Screenshot-558 Screenshot-559 Screenshot-560 Screenshot-561 Screenshot-562 Screenshot-563 Screenshot-564 Screenshot-565 Screenshot-566 Screenshot-567 Screenshot-568 Screenshot-572 Screenshot-573 Screenshot-574 Screenshot-575 Screenshot-576 Screenshot-577 Screenshot-578 Screenshot-579 Screenshot-580

There are also some new roof décor available. Here is just one


One thing I noticed while playing in this world, is if you opt to have your sim run their own store, objects inside your sims home also become available for purchase. Haven’t figured out if there is a way to disable that or not without selling the business.

From the little bit I have played, it started out with a tad bit of lag, but all worlds that come out of the store has had that issue. I can say that this world is best played with short summer and spring seasons and would be best for fall and winter. It just has that kind of look. It would also be perfect for any simmer out there that wants to make a spooky machinima. I give this world a rating of 5 stars, even with its little quirks.


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