Here’s your news from around The Sims

One of the biggest anticipated releases and the final expansion pack in the simulated game series, The Sims 3 Into the Future an EA game is set for October 22, 2013. Have you pre-ordered your final expansion pack copy? If not, you’ll miss out on the limited bonus item, such as the Quantum jet pack, plus Origin’s exclusive Dark Industrial Set. Pre-order The Sims 3 Into the Future.


Origin is offering a blow out in prices for several of The Sims 3 games, just a few that you can grab at almost astronomical prices are: The Sims 3 base game – $4.99! WHAT????  No not a misprint, it is going for $4.99! Pets – $7.99, Seasons – $11.99, University – $11.99, just to name a few. Head on over to the Sim Sale on Origin to scoop up on some massive savings on your favorite game packs! But these savings won’t last long, you only have until October 14, 2013, so hurry and grab them up!


Live Broadcast for Into the Future by Producers Lauren McLemore and Brittney Henry. These two beauties will take you into the game with live demo’s to include how your sims can change the future. Go to on October 17, 2013 at 10:00 am PST to catch this broadcast!


The Sims 3 store has been pumping out items from sets to worlds and everything in between. Have you bought your copy of Midnight Hollow Gold Edition? If not you’ll be missing out on the Golden Ticket Toy machine. This machine is the bomb of all things made by the folks at The Sims 3 store. Here your sims can make toys from a jack-in-the-box (that works!), a baby mat (that yes you can place your baby sims on it and delivers a boost to energy, hunger and fun moods to your babe!) plus others that I haven’t been able to adventure in making. But be careful…your sim can make a “pile of rubbish” too! Which is basically a toy gone wrong. Now in the store is the  Featured Looks set. This set is jam packed with items that will complete any interior look your sims would love to have in their homes.


Simtech Forum is now on simblr/Tumblr!  Catch up on all the latest challenges and goings on over at Simtech Forum. Currently we are in the process of putting together an exciting Issue 5 of the magazine Simplistic. It’s our 1 year anniversary Issue! Wow, Simplistic is a year old already! Set to be released at the end of the month, stay tuned to see this spectacular two cover edition!


And there you have it. A catch up in the news from around The Sims. (Of course this isn’t everything, but it would take days to get every bit of news from every sim related blog/site out there)






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