Take the Pledge!

As we all know, every year (at least here in the USA), that day after Thanksgiving normally known as “Black Friday” is creeping ever so slowly into Thanksgiving Day/night, due to Corporation GREED.  This year is a first for JC Penny. They will be opening their doors at 8:00 pm on THANKSGIVING NIGHT. All the while they are saying they will have “special treats” for those associates who are being asked to give up time with their families to go to work.

First of all, we weren’t asked if we would mind giving up time with our families for their financial growth, we either make our availability eligible or we’re fired. As far as their “financial growth” we won’t reap any of those benefits either.

Two- whatever they have planned for us associates won’t/can’t/couldn’t make up for the lost time with family. Not unless it has a lot of zero’s attached to the paychecks, even then it won’t bring that quality time back.

Three- All of the associates I have talked to, have agreed on several things. You won’t find the Corporate Office personal OR CEO sitting behind their desks at 8:00 pm Thanksgiving Night, in the stores helping the associates throughout the night, dealing with out of control customers fighting over a damn shirt or pair of boots. The Corporations that make their employees work in these kind of conditions should be held accountable when the unfortunate happens, an associate gets shot or assaulted.

What ever happened to the old tradition of being home with family and friends on Thanksgiving, relaxing the next day. All shoppers need to take a stand and help bring back normalcy to our time honored traditional holidays- Thanksgiving and Christmas.

With that said, this was posted on Facebook by First-Time-Mommy.com


Share this idea with your friends and family and help STOP THE MADNESS!


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