Administrating the site

Hey all, I have spent the evening revamping my blog. Here is what you will find new:


1: Formally labeled Downloads- Sims N Things, this page now contains ONLY my sim(s) available for download.

2: Newly added, WIP (works in progress), is where any community lots I am currently working on and be making available for download once complete

3: Homes and Households, this is now where you will find all my homes made available for download + households (sims w/homes)

4: Community Lots, where my community lots will be now placed once they are complete and available for download

To make it a whole lot easier for you, sorry it has taken me this long to correct this, all NEW downloads will be listed first on their page

I hope by separating everything and bringing new releases to the top, makes it easier for you. I have been meaning to do this for sometime now and well after pushing out two builds in one day, I took a break from my simming  and concentrated on fixing things on here. More work needs to be done, eventually I will make it over to my tools, tips and more page and clean that up a bit. Also to save on space, I will not be listing all CC creators used on every sim posting. Instead I will be including a zipped file with the .sims3pack download that contains all the CC I use in CAS on them. I will list clothing/accessory/hair/makeup used on them in the posting.

Have a good rest of your day/night and week! Till next time, Peace out, Be safe (and stay warm if your affected by the arctic Polar Vortex) and Take care. ~Mamaj~




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