Tentative release date for The Sims 4

Web surfing, googling, bing, whatever you want to call it, can bring up some pretty interesting news. While searching for information on The Sims 4, I came up with some information that there is a NON-official release date for TS4.

According to The Sims 4 Facebook page, they have reported a tentative release date of being in the neighborhood of October 7, 2014, and another of being a little bit more vague of September 30 OR October 7, 2014.

While I decided to scope this out a little bit more I came across these:

Newegg.com (one mentioned on TS4 FB) release date of 3/18/14


CVG has a release date of Autumn of 2014

ts4 2

Just to add to the rumor mill and sorry to get any hopes up for an OFFICIAL announcement, EA hasn’t said nada and I’m suspecting that we won’t get an “official” release date for at least another month or two.


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