Confirmed nraas updates

Those ever so talented mod dev’s over at nraas have done a marvelous job, not that I had any doubt, and worked diligently on getting Twallan’s mods updated as quickly as they could.

Here are the updated to 1.66 mods:

These are critical mods that need to be replaced if you have them in your game

MasterController Phase twelve (base mod only , modules (extensions) are okay)

UntranslatedKey Patch 166

Traveler phase seven

ErrorTrap Patch 166

Recommended Update (these were updated not related to the Patch 1.66 but were done due to some issues reported)

Woohooer sauna  Phase Thirteen

StoryProgression Money Phase Seventeen

OnceRead Phase Five

OnceRead Tablet Phase Five


I would like to add at this point, IF YOU UPDATE YOUR MODS, YOU MUST UPDATE YOUR GAME TO PATCH 1.66! But that should of been a no-brainer. So go on now, and update!

The links:

News Of the Day

Update History Testing (a.k.a. Update History Testing 166)





Who’s joining me in a Happy Dance! Screenshot-736_clipped_rev_1



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