Change is good right?

Well I certainly hope so. I think that I have finally got everything the way I want it laid out on here. That’s a big I think! So what else did I do? I renamed and organized the Helpful Tools, Tips and more page. It is now named Tools and Tips.  If its a tool/mod for the game, it’ll be listed under “Tools”, everything else will fall under “Tips”.

New downloads posted today. One in community and one in Homes/households. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to find time to post a new Sim!

Word has it that sometime this month (February) there will be a new Store venue coming out, this one will include “L” shaped stairs, along with your Sims being able to learn a new skill, glass blowing and more! You can read more at SimsVIP.

Also while over on SimsVIP, I have learned that there has been some upheaval at the Salt Lake City, Utah EA studio.  Two of our favorite female SimGuru’s are no longer with EA. I sure will miss seeing their bubbling characters during Q & A Broadcasts. Here’s hoping that SimGuruBrit and SimGuruLauren, will find better adventures coming their way.  To read more of what’s going on in the world of The Sims, head over to SimsVIP to get the latest scoop on the in’s, out’s and it leaves me to ask the question that may be on many players minds.

IS THIS THE BEGINNING TO THE END OF THE SIMS?  I shutter in horror to think it could be.


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