Prism Art Studio A TS3 store venue – Picture heavy

The Sims 3 Store has released a new venue on February 6, 2014.  I don’t know which was the most anticipated object the skill glass blowing, jewelry making, smelting metals or the “L” shaped stairs that came with Prism Art Studio.

I made some Sims for my walk through of this new venue, each one has different traits and skill levels (thanks to nraas – MC)

Ginny Fry- has a Artisan level of 10. Her traits are: Artist, Avant Garde, Handy, Savvy Sculpture and Friendly (had to throw one in there) Her maxed skill levels are: Painting, Sculpting and Artisan.

Max Payne- has a Artisan level of 5. His traits are: Savvy Sculpture, Lucky, Friendly, Workaholic and Athletic. His level 5 skill levels are: Painting, Artisan and Inventing.

Chad West- has no skill levels in anything. His traits are: Eccentric, Absent minded, Avant Garde, Insane and Friendly. (Don’t ask) His skill levels are: 0

The building:


Inside there is a room with painting easels and two rooms with the Artisans Glassblowing and Jewelry Making Station and one outside,  along with other rooms including: sitting rooms, a room to hang out and have a drink. (not shown)


I had Ginny make perfume- once forgotten and Max made a stained glass window


They didn’t fair to bad. Ginny’s came out to be a normal potent of Once forgotten perfume bottle, while Max made a window worth 200 simoleons. Max however, didn’t gain a skill level (he’s at level 5) during his project.

Then I sent Chad in to see what he could do. During his project of making glass vases, he gained two skill levels! Way to go Chad!


As you can see, when your project is done “baking”, you don’t actually SEE the finished object. The vases and perfume can be found in your Sims personal inventory (backpack) while the window was placed in the family inventory (buy mode)

glass vases (jars)stained glass window

At level 10 of the Artisan’s skill, here is a run down of what your Sim will be able to create:


level 10 artisan parfume

Making Objects:

level 10 artisan object 1level 10 artisan object 2

Making Accessories:

level 10 artisan accessory 1level 10 artisan accessory 2

At level 5, these are what you will be able to create:


All except Bliss Perfume Bottle

Making Objects:

Glass: Dancing, Fighting, Scared and Friendly Gnomes; Stained Glass Window, Stained Glass Arch Window,Glass Dragon Egg, Glass Vases, Glass Utensil Receptacle, Glass Partition

Making Accessories:

Bracelets: stretched coin, triple ring, coin, braided and double braided.

Earrings: sunburst, springbud, turquoise.

Necklaces: Amethyst, Ancient Artifact, turquoise swirl, red hot.

Final objects that my Sims created today.

Stained glass window and glass vases (jars) and perfume bottle


The Prism Art Studio can be found here for 1900 SimPoints.

***Note: these Sims are not available for download. They were created and used for demonstration purposes only***


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