What in the tarnation is Sims?

This is a question that I get asked a lot, along with:  “What is The Sims?” ” You play what?”  So what is my answer? It’s quite simple really. The Sims is a game where big people can play with animated Barbie and Ken and get away with it. 🙂

But seriously, there is so much more to this game than one realizes.  You are in ultimate control over someone’s life…God complex? Yeah maybe. If they make me mad, don’t do what I want them to do…sometimes I have been guilty of saying “Off with your head!”  or more like “fine …you are out a here. Delete”.  But lately I have been getting into creating other things for my simmies. Yes I said simmies. They, and yes I know this sounds weird, insane and no I don’t need a shrink they couldn’t help me if they tried anyway, they are an extension to who I am. I’m a gamer, geek, nerd whatever you want to call someone like me who plays video games. I love my simmies, if the zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow, I would be extremely upset that I couldn’t play my game and would have to live without my simmies. Zombie’s would not stand a chance as I’d go postal on all of them and the asshat that created the mess to begin with.

Some people play The Sims as a way to live their dream life. Some play to create. I play to relieve stress. It is a great way to just kick back and escape RL (real life), into a made up world. My two older daughters started playing The Sims way back when it first came out, The Sims 1, they also played one called ‘Busting Out’ it was a PlayStation game. I remember asking them “How can you play that. It looks so boring!” Little did I know several years down the road I would turn to the exact same game they were playing to escape. That escape wasn’t from stress, that escape was from being the victim of a crime and the night mares and day mares were driving me insane. I couldn’t escape what had happened to me no matter what I did. Until one of my older daughters said to me one day, “Mom, try this.” and she handed me a controller put in ‘Busting Out’ and I immediately got hooked. The next thing I knew my night mares and day mares were replaced by not wanting to sleep but play my game! Through The Sims I have meet an amazing bunch of people who I am honored to say are friends. Some of those I am close to have much more in common other than our love for the game and our simmies. The Sims has a huge community of players ranging from young children to elderly.

I also play to tell a story. My All in a Sims Day Legacy: Generations is the longest family I have had since starting this game. When my main character grew old and passed on to Sim Heaven, I felt heart broken that her life could be played no more. Her story was a pleasure to write and that’s why I have continued, in a round about way, with generations after her.

So that is what The Sims is. It’s a simulation game where you can live through an animated person.  You help them to learn skills like cooking, being handy around the house, athletics, go to work and earn promotions, fall in love, get married, have babies and of course the all famous Woohoo walk from having Woohoo off the home lot. You as a player learn a little bit to along the way. Like those of us who learn to create objects, clothing, makeup, hair for the game for other simmers to enjoy. Our simmies deserve to be dressed in the best, look their best and have the best.

I’m a Simmer, geek, nerd, gamer, and I’m darn proud of it. 🙂

Peace out, Be safe and Take care ~ mamaj








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