What’s new here and out there

First of all I had to make some changes here, due to recent events in my RL, I’ve had to cut back on my uploads here. Which is why you will not be finding my downloads here of CC, Sims, Homes and Commercial lots on here any more or until things in my life have calmed down and straightened out.  Everything that I have created and shared here + more new downloads can all be found at Simtech.

I will still keep this site going as I have noticed more traffic goes to my tools and tips page along with bypassing your launcher.  I will try my best to keep these two pages updated and make sure links aren’t broken.

Now for some news from out there!

It was rumored that The Sims 4 release date had been pushed back even more than everyone anticipated, however SimGuruGraham had confirmed through a tweet that the plan for a Fall 2014 release is still on the boards.  It has also been rumored that select simmers will be receiving an invite to participate in a survey in regards to The Sims 4 such as an annual subscription that would allow players free access to all dowloadable content for TS4 during that year.  For more information on The Sims 4, check out the following links:

The Fuse Joplin – The Sims 4 Release Date Expectations on Base Game

The Fuse Joplin – Fall Release Date is Confirmed, Harry Potter Expansion Pack Surveyed

The Fuse Jopin – Annual Subscription Surveyed Before Release Date Announcement

The newest set to be released from The Sims 3 store in May will have builders in mind, a sneak peek was given to simmers by SimGuruTaterTot on the officials forum, we can look forward to the Grand curved Staircases (re-imagined of course) from The Sims 2’s Mansion and Garden Stuff , plus a few more hints as to what you can expect out of this set. You can view that thread here.

That about covers everything, I think. Until next time…

Peace out, Be safe and Take care.

Oh and….

Happy Simming!


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