Smart Tech Sims, Premium Plans and Top Area’s for The Sims 4

I searched this morning for more news on what’s being said about The Sims 4 and came up with some very interesting reads.

Smart Tech Sims These Sims will be enhanced to give a more realistic expression feature in group conversations along with more detailed customization of your created Sim. More information can be found at SIMs4: What’s Is The New Smart Sim Tech Option All About?

Premium Plans to be introduced into The Sims 4Maxis may be jumping aboard to join the other EA games that already use a subscription to allow players to pay a lump sum to buy DLC. According to Gamer Headlines, there are already multiple DLC’s being planned for The Sims 4, such as: University, Seasons, Magic School, Generations and Time Travel and players can expect between 12 – 16 DLC’s for The Sims 4.  To read more of what Gamer Headlines had to say go here.

Top Area’s fans want to see improved: The SIMs4 also released a post on area’s fans of The Sims franchise want to see improved. Those area’s are: Next Gen Graphic, Campaign in different ages and interactive large maps. To read more of what the fans are wanting to be improved, head to SIMs4: Fans Speculate Top Areas For Improvement

While  news about The Sims 4 is leaking out months after the official announcement at last years Gamescom, Maxis/EA is still keeping players in the dark on a release date. I haven’t hit that Pre-Order button yet to save my copy of The Sims 4, I’m still waiting to see and hear more from Maxis/EA and I’m not the only one sitting back and waiting. There is a whole community of players waiting in the wings for more official details instead of relying on speculations of what we can expect.



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