Rumors of Official Release Date for The Sims 4

I was on the Official site for The Sims 3 and ran across someone asking about a release date for The Sims 4 and a response came that Sept 2, 2014  is the date.

Curious I began searching, this is what I found.

According to a reader on SimsVIP, they happened to catch an “Official” marketing sign at Wal-Mart stating the release date of Sept.2, 2014. Yes granted they also state that an Official announcement will be made at E3, I certainly wouldn’t get my undies in a bunch and start whooping around my house doing a jig just because of a marketing sign at Wal-Mart.

I searched more, this time I went to Game Informer. On there they have compiled a list of games with Official release dates that have been released by the game developer. I scrolled down to September, October, November and December…The Sims 4 was not listed in any of those months. So no Official release date was released to them from EA.

Going on…I went to EA itself, searched upcoming releases, The Sims 4, hit the pre-order button, guess what? It still states: Release date: Fall 2014. One would think if indeed September 2, 2014 is indeed the Official release date EA would of updated their site long before hand or shortly after it was/is announced.

So before any of you simmers throw yourselves a Sims4 release date party, I’d wait until EA makes their announcement at E3.

I’m hoping the the September release date is true, but until EA says it is, I won’t be screaming “Yes finally there is a God who loves The Sims as much as I do!”, dancing a jig and circling the date with a a big red circle with The Sims4 written across it, then making plans to not be working, going through sleep deprivation to prepare my body for the lack of sleep its going to get, and make the necessary statements of “Sorry I won’t be on during the time The Sims 4 is released, due to I’ll be gaming!” and a big sign on my door that says “DO NOT DISTURB: SERIOUS GAMING GOING ON. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK”.


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