Sims 4 CAS Demo

On July 7, SimGuruRachel announced that there was going to be invites sent out to players for  a CAS demo.  It soon spread through every blog and website and on July 8 – twitter, youtube and various websites/blogs lite up with simmers creations from this demo.  This also made many simmers feeling a bit left out and as the days went by and it was announced that more invites would be sent out to more players, anticipation in receiving that invite heightened. By the end of the week simmers anticipation started to turn into outrage, hurt feelings and more. To be honest, I am one of those players who has not yet received an invite but I am also not going to allow myself to become overly obsessed and start begging for one as some have done. I was over on The Sims 3 official website, posted in two different forum threads that I did not get one and to show my support (knowing it wasn’t going to change anything), signed a petition that was circulating.

Signing a petition or begging for a demo is not going to increase your chance. Those that were picked were done so through computer generated results. It’s a luck of the draw if you will, like winning the lottery.

There will be a world wide release of this demo and although someone had posted a screenshot of a date of August 12, 2014 being the release date for the world wide demo, that date has not been confirmed, it sent waves of hysteria through the simming community.

To find out if you had received an invite, you may or may not receive an email from EA/Origin. You can also log into your Origin account > my games. If you did receive the demo it will be there for you to download.


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