My Thoughts on The Sims 4

The Sims 4  was launched on Sept. 2, 2014 and I have spent the majority of the past week playing The Sims 4, getting familiar with it and reminding myself that it is indeed not anything remotely close to The Sims 3 and it is, after all, just the base game. No there is no toddlers or pools but frankly I don’t miss them one bit. I did find it extremely entertaining that when you age up your Sim baby a child POPS out of the bassinet. The emotions are another interesting and entertaining aspect to the game, which does add to regular game play. Multitasking Sims. Well now, this just is the cats meow. Yes before your Sims would sit down for a lovely family or get together meal and yes they would hold conversations. But what they wouldn’t do before is hold a conversation with their spouse while they were in the bath tub or shower or yes even sitting on the porcelain throne, drink and move freely about or even stand and eat while conversing with another Sim. These Sims don’t even need to be told to hold a conversation! Start them off and they will talk until the dang cows come home!

I did find that career advancement was a bit more harder as now not only do they need to go off to work in a pretty good mood, there are daily tasks that need to be attended to, to make sure your Sim climbs up that meter towards…PROMOTION! But ah, there is a cheat…hehehe. If you choose to use it, that is.  The same goes for school. It does take a little bit longer to get your school age Sims up from a C grade to a B and then A. There is also more for them to do tackle other than just doing their homework. As your child/teenage Sim goes through the grades there is also the option to do Extra Credit. They also have daily tasks to tend to such as raising their skill levels. Your working Sims and school age Sims will also have the best advantage in advancing if you can get them to go to work/school: energized, focused or inspired. (Those are the ones I’ve encountered so far)

No stores. Everything your Sim wish to make will cost them simoleons right out of the fridge. But, if you get them some of those little gardening plots and pots, they can purchase seeds and grow some ingredients which in turn does cut down on the cost of making some of those scrumptious dishes they like to eat. Every Sim starts out knowing how to make something, spending some time in the kitchen, watching the Cooking channel and reading the Cooking skill books, you Sim will be making more and more dishes as they level up in that skill. Once your Sim reaches I think level 5 of the cooking skill, or reads a skill book on Gourmet cooking, there is a host of other dishes they can make also, adding even more variety of dishes for them to please the palates of their families and guests.

Nope no cars either, but who needs cars when you walk off your lot to go to the neighbors house and you get the loading screen. Which isn’t that bad. It doesn’t take to long for your Sims to reach their destination. I won’t lie, I will be honest that I do very much like the open world of The Sims 3 and it would of been nice if that option would of been able to be kept and we didn’t have loading screens to every place our Sims want to go. It is still kind of like an open world, just shrunk in size is all. You can still see the neighborhood around you.

I will agree it does have a “plastic” look to it. The trees, flowers, bushes, their hair, all look a little bit to fakey or plastic, but it sure is bright! The colors just pop! I’m sure that as more and more CC is introduced, less plastic looking trees, flowers, bushes and hair will be made.

The pre-set patterns and colors for clothing, furniture and such is hard to get used to. The lack of ability to change the color without CASt is something that I hope, as well as many others, will be added back into the game at a later date. Making a room to your style or your Sims style is a bit harder to accomplish, but this too can be done with reaching way down into your creative skill.

Parties. Well I have held a couple different parties and all of them gave me a gold medal at the end. When hosting a party if you have a bar and a piano you will be able to hire a mixologist and pianist along with a caterer, unless you wish to make up your own dishes to serve.  You can invite up to 8 guests and to help make your party a success you will also be given objectives to accomplish, based on the type of party you are having. They aren’t that difficult to accomplish either in the time span given. In The Sims 3 you could set a time for the party to start. Not in The Sims 4. Once you plan the party, invite the guests and others your party is on its way immediately. If your party is a success, your guests will leave donning gifts for you to use.  Going on a date will also have objectives to accomplish to have your date turn out to be a night to remember or a down right flop, which your Sims would not want to happen.

Getting pregnant. No more baby chimes after a successful “Try for baby” woohoo. Your female Sim will have the option of “Take pregnancy test”, the next time she uses the toilet. If she’s pregnant you will get a message pop up and then she will be able to “Share the news” with others of the expecting little bundle of joy. I haven’t had an unsuccessful chance yet with one of my female Sims, four children in and she’s still popping them out.  Pregnancy is now monitored in trimesters, and a little pacifier icon will tell you what trimester she is in and how many hours till she enters into the next. A Sim pregnancy is still only 3 Sim days long. When it’s time to deliver you can direct her to the bassinet and have the “Have baby” when clicking on it. Once baby is born, your Sim will be locked to the bassinet when tending to the baby. Your new baby will sleep and will cry when it needs tending to. Which your Sims will be able to: snuggle, coo at, talk to, make faces, bounce, bottle feed, breastfeed, change dirty diaper and age.

I have had many many hours of game play fun with The Sims 4 and I can see many many many more hours of fun in the future as more stuff is added in the form of expansions and stuff packs and maybe even a store.

So far to date, with what I have experienced so far with this game, I would rate it at: The_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_Plumbob

***I have added two new tutorials to The Sims 4 Tut page, see above***


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