A look at Granite Falls, The Sims 4 newest destination

Granite Falls is a new world that came with the dlc game pack, Outdoor Retreat, that was released on January 13, 2015. Here is a look at that world.

When selecting your Sim, you can send them or their entire household including friends to take a vacation via your Sims smartphone or computer. When arriving to Granite Falls, you will encounter the world map where you can select their accommodations. There is one campsite and 4 cabin rental units, each one is completely customizable through build mode.

granite falls If you choose the camp site, and you don’t have a tent or other camping items such as a cooler or chairs, not to worry as there is a Ranger Station that you can purchase the items you need. There is also an outdoor facility complete with toilets and showers.

01-15-15_9-52 AM

01-15-15_9-52 AM-2As you can see in the first picture above, you will find the Ranger Station near the big mascot statue, in the picture below the outdoor facilities are in easy access. Next is a look at a few of the cabins and the camping site (the camping site does come with a grill, table, garbage receptacle and horseshoe pit).

01-15-15_9-53 AM 01-15-15_9-55 AM-2  There are also 3 fishing spots in the main Granite Falls, what I call base camp. Sending your Sim around the area, you will also find bushes that can be harvested and insects to catch for ingredients used in making many herb recipes that your Sim can acquire the via the grill and build their herbalism skill.

01-15-15_9-54 AM 01-15-15_9-54 AM-2 01-15-15_9-55 AMOff to Granite Falls National Park. Here there is a Welcome Center where your Sim(s) can play chess, work on a woodworking table, read a book or two or go up to the roof top to take in the view. There are also two fishing spots in GF National Park. 01-15-15_10-05 AM 01-15-15_10-06 AM 01-15-15_10-07 AM 01-15-15_10-07 AM-2 01-15-15_10-07 AM-3 01-15-15_10-08 AM

Hidden in the shrubbery and tall grass your Sim, if they look for it, will find a vine shrouded entrance to deep into the forest where they can find more rare insects, herbs, fish and meet the residential Hermit. Build a Good Friend relationship with the Hermit and they will give your Sim a new herbal recipe.

01-15-15_10-09 AM 01-15-15_10-12 AM-2 01-15-15_10-13 AM-2 01-15-15_10-14 AM 01-15-15_10-14 AM-3 01-15-15_10-14 AM-2

While sending one Sim on vacation is pretty easy to handle, sending a whole family can be quite a challenge, especially if you have younger Sims, as they tend to get bored really easy. So if taking your Sim children along for some good ole outdoor fresh air in Granite Falls, take along some electrics to help keep them entertained outside of sending them to Play in the tent, practice or join in throwing some horseshoes, fishing, going for a hike, or playing in the fire pit. At night or even during the day, your Sims can enjoy good conversation, watch as someone sings a campfire song or two or strums on their guitar, roast some marshmallows or fish (if they happened to get a catch that day), and tell stories.

01-15-15_10-46 AM 01-15-15_10-48 AMAll in all, for 20 bucks this isn’t a waste of money and you don’t get a ton of stuff you don’t want or that your Sims will possibly never use. Everything from hair, clothing to build/buy objects is Sim useable. What I mean by that is, for someone who absolutely hates game hair/clothing or at least the majority of it, this gp actually came with some I don’t mind my Sims having on their head or body, or putting in their homes. Your Sims don’t have to travel to Granite Falls to sleep out under the stars, pop up a tent in their back yard, plop down a fire pit and throw some chairs around it. Have a camp out right in their very own back yard. Heck while your really into roughing it in the back yard, place a grill, a cooler, picnic table, some outdoor lighting and an outdoor shower stall.

If you haven’t gotten Outdoor Retreat yet, still thinking about it, go ahead and spend that $20.00 (or the charge you would pay depending on where you live) and get your Sims out there camping!

I give Outdoor Retreat a 5 Plumbob rating. The_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_Plumbob


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