Luxury Party Stuff Pack & Get To Work Expansion Pack – A Review

I actually wasn’t going to get this pack, like many other simmers who did buy it. One it just didn’t seem to be all that interesting, two all the reviews I read about it didn’t make it out to be “the one I had to have”.  That was until hubby stepped in and said; “But babe, how are you going to know, unless you see for yourself? Besides what’s $10.00, it’s the least amount of money you have spent so far on any Sims expansion, stuff or store item in the past.”  Very true! Sometimes my better half actually does come up with some very valid points…but not often. Just saying.  He definitely was Johnny on the spot with this though. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that after purchasing Luxury Party, downloading and installing, I feel it is well worth the price. While there isn’t a whole lot of items: 12 items in total for buy(build), 9 CAS accessories (7 female, 2 male), 9 makeup additions (5 eye shadow, 2 eye liner & 2 lip gloss’s), 3 new hairstyles for the males & 4 new styles for the females. (click on the photo’s to enlarge)

new accessories new hairstyles female new makeup new hairstyles male

Clothing comes with a whooping 2 new tops and bottoms for the females along with 5 new evening style dresses and 3 pairs of new shoes. The males on the other hand don’t make out quite as well, with getting only 2 new tops, 2 full outfits and 2 pairs of new shoes.(click on photo’s to enlarge)

new outfits new outfits male

I will also admit for a Sims player who swears by custom content, all of these items are pretty decent and I can see putting them on my Sims during regular game play.

Still $10.00 USD really isn’t a bad price considering there are two new interactive game play objects; the Buffet Table and the Fountain of Mirth. First off – the Buffet Table. Your Sim(s) can place their own delicacies on the tables, or select from a pre-made menu or select to feed all. The Fountain of Mirth also lets your Sim(s) select from a list of drink or fondue options. The higher skilled your Sims are in cooking, mischief and mixology, the more options become available. Such as at level 5 your Sim will be able “improve” drinks or fondue at the fountain. At level 4 in the mischief skill, your mischievous Sim can add something extra to the fountain. But be warned; if one of your Sims (the Sims who “tainted” the fountain will not be able to drink from it) or your Sims guests drink from the “contaminated” fountain they will get an uncomfortable moodlet lasting 4 hours. (click on photo to enlarge)

buffet table options

There are also some new recipes that come with this stuff pack that are available through the Buffet Table, stove and/or fridge and grill.

*Sausage and Peppers

*Ceviche and chips

*Vegetable Tampura

*Almond Macaroons

And finally, a look at items found in buy (missing items: Parttoman and The Boom Cube) (click on photo’s to enlarge)

05-23-15_7-59 PM 05-23-15_8-00 PM

So if you haven’t decided whether you want to get this pack or not, here is one review that gives The Sims 4: Luxury Party Stuff Pack  a rating of 4 plumbobs. The_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_Plumbob

I won’t do an extensive review on The Sims 4: Get To Work expansion pack – released March 31, 2015, as this expansion pack has so much to offer. Only being able to play occasionally I can say this expansion pack will keep you or your Sims busy for many, many hours with the new careers that were added. Having only worked in only a few so far; Doctor, Detective and Retail, to get the full benefits of working these careers I do suggest going off to work with your Sims each day they are scheduled by joining them when the option pops up in place of just using the cheat and advancing them to the top. However in the Retail, there is no advancing to the top but each day your Sims shop is open whether its is a clothing shop, bakery, furniture or maybe all three (I would strongly suggest not doing all three right off the bat as this part of the GTW is not like The Sims 2 Open for Business and start your shop/bakery out small and gradually grow) you will gain Perk Points that you can use towards purchasing perks to help in restocking, selling, cleaning, new cash register and so forth. With these I have found tips from other players in running my little clothing boutique. The first perk I purchased was a small increase to restock time, my second perk purchase was increase in selling. As my profit grows and my perk points add up, my next perk purchase will be to have a larger restock increase which will allow my sales to also increase. When hiring an NPC, be wary of who you are hiring. Some of them just want to stand around chatting and not making any sales or helping to keep the store clean. When hiring an NPC you can manage them by: assigning a uniform which you can also design in CAS, fire them, reduce their wages, clock them out early and so forth. You will start out only being able to hire one, you can buy perks with your perk points that allow you to hire additional staff.

In the Doctor’s career, the higher your Sim is in logic the better their chances at getting a good result in Analyzing a Patient’s swab will be. On level 7 your Sim in this career will be able to deliver babies. The more examining your Sim does on a patient the better the outcome of being able to reach a diagnose to treat the ailing Sim. Tip: watch the patient, as they will give little clues as to what their aliment is. Such as: scatching = Itchy, holding their head and making a “dizzy” wobble with their head = Bloaty Head. Llama Flu is a bit tricky to diagnose other than looking for the “pepto bismal” bubble above their head.

In the Detective’s career, when you are able to send your Sim off to a crime scene, click on the floor or ground. Sometimes you’ll get the “Search for clues”. Take pictures of everything on the ground and floor because once you leave the crime scene you will not be able to go back to it.  Back at the station Analyze everything your Sim has in their inventory, cross reference witness reports and crime scene photo’s in the database on a computer, gather as many clues as possible even if it takes many days. These will all lead to being able to apprehend the right suspect without apprehending the wrong suspect. On your Sims cell phone you can access the Notebook, this is where all the clues to nabbing the right suspect will be at.

With all careers (except Retail), there will be a box in the upper left corner of your screen. This will aid your Sims on having a successful day and advance them in that career.

Get To Work is a must have in expansion packs. The team has really out done themselves with putting this one together and releasing it as the first one. I rate this one with 5 plumbobs. The_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_Plumbob


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