Perfect Patio coming next week

Are your Sims exhausted from their hard work in their careers? Tired of going to the same vacation spot and are in need of a stay-cation? Announced today, the next Stuff Pack for Sims 4 is set to be released next week for the same amount as Luxury Party, $9.99 USD.

Perfect Patio Stuff Pack will include relaxing casual clothing, swim wear, hairstyles, patio themed decor, a new grill and bar and the most exciting piece to this stuff pack is….Hot Tubs!  These won’t be just your ordinary run of the mill hot tubs as they can be upgraded to include aromatherapy and for the first time in The Sims series…children will now be able to access the hot tubs. After all, they deserve some relax time after all that studying for school.

So get those Sims ready to spend some family and friends time in their very own Perfect Patio back yards.


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