Sims 4: Perfect Patio Stuff Pack – Review

Sims 4: Perfect Patio sp was released earlier today (6/16/15) and with it, as one would expect it was limited on goodies as was the first one. But for the small price, I can’t say whether it was really worth it or not, hence it only came with 1 new hairstyle for the men and 4 new outfits; 1 new hairstyle for the ladies and 5 new outfits – 2 of them being swim wear. The patio furniture could be used both indoor and outdoor, so I wouldn’t exactly call it patio furniture, hence it lacks any “outdoor furniture” such as lounge chairs.

Game play: The hot tubs won’t have the stereo or aromatherapy right away. Your Sim(s) will have to upgrade their hot tubs to play tunes or aroma’s.

Let’s have a look at what is included in this pack. (click to  enlarge photos)

perfect patio welcome

For the men:

new mens hairstyle front-horz

mens new top 1-horz

For the ladies:

new female hairstyle

new female hairstyle-horz


fence and gate

06-16-15_10-29 PM

06-16-15_10-21 PM

06-16-15_10-23 PM

06-16-15_10-23 PM-2

06-16-15_10-26 PM

06-16-15_10-27 PM

06-16-15_10-37 PM

Styled room:

styled room



My overall rating of Perfect Patio: TBD



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