The hot tubs are not broken!

In reference to the hot tubs that came in The Sims 4: Perfect Patio. If you look at the description of both hot tubs, no where does it state “fun”, only environment and hygiene benefits. See below

hot tub 1 hot tub 2

In order for the hot tubs to provide your Sims “fun”, your Sims will have to upgrade them to have the stereo.  *Your Sim will need a high enough handiness skill that allows them to upgrade objects

The stereo upgrade will require the following parts: 2 common upgrade parts

The aromatherapy upgrade will require the following parts: 3 common and 1 plumbing upgrade parts

**Note: Upgrading the aromatherapy and not the stereo will not increase the fun level, the aromatherapy only provides mood buff reductions, replacing it with a different one. See below

Jasmine oil – Makes Sims feel refreshed. Reducing the duration of Sad Buff and providing a Happy Buff

Lemon oil – Makes Sims feel energized. Reducing the duration of Stressed Buff and providing a Energized Buff

Peppermint oil – Makes Sims feel giddy. Reducing the duration of Uncomfortable Buff and providing a Playful Buff

Sage oil – Makes Sims feel focused. Reducing the duration of Bored Buff and providing a Focused Buff


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