July 9, 2015 Sims 4 Patch info

I usually don’t do a post on the patches released for The Sims 4, but this one I have to because we now have….drum roll please……HALF WALLS! Whoohoo! Now all those places in your Simmies homes where they wished (and maybe you too) that there was a half wall instead of that darn ole full wall, can be done! So go forth and redecorate those Simmies homes!

But hold on! Don’t go yet! Unless you already patched and know what came with the patch, then you can run along. But for those of you who haven’t patched yet….there are some goodies waiting for you, including…another drum roll here please……LOCKED DOORS! Yes!!!! Finally we…or um I mean your simmies can now lock their doors! It’s a grand day isn’t it? No more strangers, that is if you did have strangers just wandering in your home, say like if your place of abode is placed on top of your bakery, or retail shop. How creepy is it that your sim be doing…um…something and a complete stranger just wonders in….or they just come in and help themselves to your food and tv, how rude!

There are some other goodies with this patch too! Like in CAS there are towel wraps for all genders and ages and the kiddies even get a new pair of slippers.

adult full towel wrap-vert

In Build, there are three new doors and a fence

glass door-vert

And in Buy there are new wall decals and a ceiling light

arrow down decal-vert

Also in build mode are the half walls. Below is where those walls can be found and an in game photo of what they look like.

build mode half walls#1 Half walls are under “Walls”

#2 They can be found in the tab under full walls

#3 The Tools

#4 The half wall heights

half wall walls****All images can be seen larger by clicking on them****


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