What in the world did I just see? How is this fun?

More important question is….WHAT IN THE HELL are they thinking???????? The forums are just lighting up like a Christmas tree and simmers are beyond pissed at the Sims team and EA right now. Some major ass kissing I see in their immediate future. (Please forgive my language, I’m sorry if I have/had offended anyone.)

Let me start at the beginning. If you haven’t seen it or heard about it, at Gamescom 2015 Rachael Franklin took the stage for The Sims. Leading up to this event, they touted to be looking for a “fun” announcement at Gamescom.  After seeing what I saw both The Sims presentation and the Official Release of Get Together expansion pack, slated for release in November 2015, I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh hysterically, cry like a baby or be utterly embarrassed.  I’m ending this post right now as I’m still a bit confused as to exactly what this EP will give us other than a new world for $40, oh and what? Socialization? HUH?????? Like our Sims don’t socialize in the game at all? At work? At the Spa? When they go camping? Hopefully between now and November they will show and tell more of what exactly this EP is all about and be able to sell me on buying it.

So I will leave you with these two vid’s to check out.

Official Release of The Sims 4:Get Together


Rachael Franklin from The Sims 4 at Gamescom



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