A New Patch for TS3!

That’s right there is a new patch out for TS3. No it’s not the kind that will fix the game or make it worse, if that’s even possible…wait…it’s EA so yeah that could be very possible. Anyway about that new patch. Crinrict made this announcement on her blog and stated that while this is preliminary information, she went on to describe how to get this patch and just exactly what it does. In a nutshell, The Expansion and Stuff Pack Manager will allow you to deactivate currently installed Sims 3 (ONLY) Expansion and/or Stuff packs you wish to disassociate with your current game save. Meaning that while you’ll loose all items that came with that expansion or stuff pack from that saved game, you will no longer have to uninstall them completely. BUT beware, if you deactivate expansion packs such as University, World Adventures and Into the Future, issues can happen if you have a saved game in these worlds. Crinrict warns not to load those saves while these expansions are deactivated.

To read more on this new patch for TS3, go here.

Remember: BACK UP YOUR GAME before updating. REMOVE any mods or the mods folder before updating. And last, BEFORE placing your mod folder back, make sure the creators whos mods you use are updated.


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