Hello again!

So it’s been just a wee bit since doing a post. I’ve been busy with moving back to my home State at the end of last November (2015), helping my dad and….winter in the UP of Mi. So ready for spring and summer.

What’s new or not really all that new anymore in The Sims? There were a few packs that came out while I was off line and taking care of things. I’m not going to rehash what everyone else has already said about these packs, instead I’ll just give my rating opinion on all three.

Movie Hangout stuff pack. Released January 2016. Aside from the clothing, popcorn makers and in home theater, I give this pack a rating of  The_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_Plumbob it really isn’t all that much to write home about.

Romantic Garden Stuff Pack. Released February 2016. What fun this pack brought to the sims. If you haven’t tried this one out, it’s getting a The_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_Plumbob rating. **Hint, the wishing well is sure to give you some giggles**

Get Together expansion pack. Released February 2016. At first I thought, “ugh, I am not going to waste my money on this expansion. Like any of my sims would want to join any stupid club.” I was wrong. I’m glad I spent that money on this ep as I have had many hours of play time with my sims in clubs! (The dancing club is my favorite, so far.) I even gave a hand at creating my own club. **Hint, when creating your own club, do not ask another member to “resign” they won’t be the one resigning. Oopsie!** My rating for this ep: The_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_Plumbob

In other news, everyone is gnashing at the bit when the next Game Pack for The Sims 4 will be released. Rumors are flying that it may be restaurant related due from comments  made by a Guru. Mixed feelings on this type of pack but most are favorable with hopes it will be similar to TS2.

If you haven’t heard already, another creator has decided to stop creating custom content for both TS3 and 4. Anubis posted that there will be no more creations made for the game. Sorry to see you go and I wish you all the best in the future.

That about covers it. Have a great weekend.



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