What’s New?

Not a whole lot! Other than the same ole, same ole…winter just will not lose its grip on us. It gets warm, the snow starts to melt and then it snows AGAIN putting back everything that had melted. I punish myself by looking at what the weather is like back down in Louisiana and just want to cry….why do I do such horrid things to myself?????

Anyway. I have updated the tutorial page with a new tut on how I cut out my sims and place them on a different background. And I’ve been trying my hand at the latest challenge the Sims 4 has put out with the last patch that came out on March 22nd. Go here to view that challenge. I have managed to find 5 of the 12 eggs and still waiting for that tree to produce its harvest. I missed completing last years egg hunt challenge, so I’m determined to complete this years!

No news on what’s coming next. A new hype train is boarding on the official forum. This one is all about Seasons or weather or something to that nature coming soon all from a couple of words used by a SimGuru on Twitter. Not that I’m not hoping for weather or seasons or something to that effect, I will be the first one to throw my money at EA for such an expansion pack or game pack, but I’m not going to hold my breath that it will come this quick in the game. Seasons for Sims 3 was the 8th(?) expansion pack released and I want to say 5th expansion released in Sims 2. We’ve had 2 expansions released for Sims 4 to date. So one could say that IF they were going backwards in the order releases from the prior games, then one could say that seasons, weather or whatever they call it could very possibly come out next. OR…it will be 3 expansions later than in Sims 3, coming out as Sims 4’s 11th expansion pack, which could possibly be the last expansion pack for this series, IF they hold true to only putting out 11 expansions. Sims 2 only had 8 expansions and 10 stuff packs. But who’s to say how long this series will run, how many expansion packs, stuff packs and game packs (which took the place of the store that was for Sims 3 and 2) that will come down the line. Only time will tell.

That’s it for today. Time to go do some egg hunting. Later gator!


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