Game Update and Return of the Tragic Clown

Game update released today, 4/12/16, took away Jasmine Holiday who was only around during the Easter challenge and replaced her with that poor sad soul known to simmers around the world as, Tragic Clown. Just looking at him makes me want to run up and give him a big ole bear hug and say “Cheer up, it ain’t all that bad, really it ain’t.”

Your Sims may venture upon him in your game as long as you updated to the current patch, or they can summon him by viewing his portrait or by dressing up as a tragic clown.

To read more on the return of the Tragic clown go here. There really isn’t much to say about one said Tragic Clown, except that he is always sad.


Someone get this clown a lollipop or something to turn that frown upside down, already!



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