Honoring Those Who Have Fallen

Taking a moment here before moving on to other news in the world of The Sims, I’d like to remind everyone what Memorial Day stands for here in the USA. While you are out enjoying any festivities with your family and friends, remember if it wasn’t for our armed forces, those who have given up their lives to defend the freedoms we have today and for those who are still serving and still defending that freedom from the constant threat of terrorism both here at home and abroad, you wouldn’t be enjoying this holiday.


Thank you to all service members.

Now onto other stuff. The Sims 4 next game pack, Dine Out, is promising to be packed with new game play along with new objects and more. Of the new game play, not only can you take your Sims out either as a couple on a romantic dinner date, a night out with the kids at their favorite restaurant, your Sims will be able to own and manage one. So throw away that dull 9-5 job and step into a world of frustration, stress beyond all, clumsy waiters/waitresses and strive to be the top restaurant in your Sims worlds.

As a player, you will have the choice to either build your own unique restaurant along with being able to customize your own menu’s, tweak the pre-existing one’s, customize your very own unique signage with a blank canvas by adding a color from a selection and symbols, customizing the wardrobe for the staff, such as: you will be able to have your waiters/waitresses wear the bear costume from Out Door Retreat or the Knight’s costume from Get Together and as a player you will be able to determine the type of clothing your customer’s will need to wear depending on the type of restaurant you have.

Or,as a player you can download any or all, if you wished to, of the Maxis made restaurants.There will be 6 to choose from.

There will be a new fish tank for your Seafood Restaurants or if you are designing or want to design a Beach theme restaurant. New foods, a booth, new lighting and decor.

The Sims 4 Dine Out is set to be released June 7, 2016.


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