Taking a look at the new CAS options in Sims 4: CAS

So after playing around in CAS yesterday after patching and learning a bit more about this new patch and the elimination of gender barriers, players won’t have to worry about their townies walking around in swapped out clothing. Only those Sims that you make and determine what their clothing attire preference will, I assume anyway but it sure would of made for some very interesting game play.

I’ll probably take some heat from my upcoming pic’s, but they are in NO WAY meant to degrade anyone! This is a game and I just wanted to show the changes made in CAS for the Sims 4. I’m only doing these because, well if you haven’t figured it out yet, this blog is mostly about my game and anything related to it.

When entering into CAS, under the gender tag you will find Custom Gender Settings. Here you can choose physical feature, clothing preference, what that Sim will be able to do and how they will use the toilet. It’s all up to you.

new cas opts


Next, if you changed their clothing preference, you can put them in anything you want as all clothing has had the barriers removed. (The male shown below is just to show that the male Sim can now where female clothing)

new cas opts clothing


You can also change their style of walk and sound of their voice.



I did notice that some, not all CC was opened up. The team over at Sims 4 Studio’s has updated one of their most current tools, Jackpot. I will place that in my tools & tips page.


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