Sims 4 Cats & Dogs and a rant

Since the newest expansion pack for Sims 4 has arrived, I’ve played with it a wee bit. Checked out the new roofs that came in the patch, they’re pretty cool but takes some time getting them to sit right and finding the right one to make that roof  make you sit back in your chair and say, “Dang! I really like that!”

I’ve had some issues that I came across. One I’m not entirely sure if it’s a newly revised bug/glitch or if it was from one of the mods I had in my game. (Sadly I removed both and even though one was still there, the other disappeared.)

The one that remained was the option to marry or elope. In my male sim the option was available but the action would disappear. In my female sim, the option was grayed out and hovering over either option it claimed my gal couldn’t marry someone in the same employment. Uh…one problem there. SHE was not even employed anywhere much less in the same one as her now fiance’. So. After about 3 times of exiting without saving, repairing game, deleting files and removing those mods and the issue still being there, I reverted to an old save, moved the girl into the home she was living in with her boyfriend, used the cheat for full CAS mode and then added her fiance’ to the family and tagged them as being husband and wife instead of boyfriend/girlfriend.

The other issue that I thought was being caused by a mod, was the elongating of the larger breed dogs. Turns out that I’m not the only one who had that happen. And it would appear, just speculation now, that it is the return of an issue for Pets in Sims 3. I say speculation because, after I removed my mods, that issue never resurfaced again. So. Mod caused or renewed issue from the previous iteration. I guess only time will tell.

All in all, I had a great time playing with those cute cuddly feline’s and mutts. They are just as much work as those toddlers who came along in January.


Now for my rant. This has nothing at all to do with my game. Rather it is towards Firefox and their new update to 57.0 or Quantum. I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT! It lags and it stutters and it’s freaking slow! Slower than Chrome if you can believe it. And it’s not because of my internet connection or provider. I know this how? Because I tested it on several different other browsers. I tested it on Edge (which is slow since day one out of the box), I tested it on Chrome (which is also slow) and I tested it on Opera. Which I’m currently using because why? Because it is faster than, Chrome or Edge (which by the way ran faster than Firefox 57.0 during my testing) and Firefox. I’m not the only Firefox user who has noticed that there is a huge difference between the old Firefox and the now newer Firefox. Like me they also say it’s crap and are switching to different browsers.

Why should it make a difference? Because when you’re a creator and it takes you an hour and half to just do one post on one item you created and it messes up embedded links, that’s why. I had to go back and correct the link because Firefox embedded the wrong link (no it wasn’t me, I know how to embed links in a post, been doing it for years.) and correct my post for that item.

So that’s my rant. If you aren’t having lag, crashing, slowness with Firefox, good for you. As for me, I ain’t got time for that.

Till next time, Happy Simming and fast web surfing 🙂


Hey, Hey, Hey

I can’t believe it’s been well over a year since my last post. Lot has gone on during that time and yep, my life is still pretty much a hot mess but it’s getting to more smoother plains, so it’s all good.

I think if I remember right the last thing I posted on was about City Living. Wow there’s been a lot since then. Even though I haven’t played my game much, I’ve managed to keep on buying every pack that EA puts out there.

The newest addition to Sims 4 is Cats & Dogs expansion pack (to be released Nov. 10, 2017). Pretty excited about this. The create a pet tools is totally off the chain and I can’t wait to recreate my two cats; Mojo and Vladimir.

Also, coming in 2018, will be the first ever player involved stuff pack, Laundry Day. We were given options from clothing style to furniture and objects to game play functional objects, pack icon and name for the pack. Pretty exciting stuff there! Can’t wait for that pack to come out.

Now. If we could only get seasons/weather…..


Until next time (and hopefully it’ll be sooner than a year later) happy simming and keep on simming, simmers!