Tools & Tips Updated 7/1/2016

Welcome to the brand new Tools and Tips page. Here I have sectioned everything to be either under Tools or Tips and if it is for Sims 3 or Sims 4 – Mamajanaynay


the sims 4 badge

MC Command Center – Mod the Sims by Deaderpool

This tool is similar to Twallan’s Sims 3 MasterController. If you’ve noticed recently in your game that there is a lot of relationship culling happening, you are not alone and it has been done by design to happen. (See this thread here, but be warned. After reading what a SimGuru has to say, you may think about hanging up The Sims 4.) But if you are determined to keep on playing and want to keep on playing…you’re going to need this gem of a tool. I will be downloading it myself as I’m tired of having marriages dissolve without my knowing. One day my sim is happily married…the next day, BAM! Nope not anymore. mc command center


Anyway, download MC Command Center, unzip. Follow the instructions below:



Mod Conflict Detector – Mod the Sims

This tool designed by DmitryMalfatto, is made to show any conflicting cc/mods that could be the result of any issues for your game. However, I have downloaded this tool and ran it once. My findings are somewhat skeptical at best but never the less it will give you piece of mind in knowing what content may have been accidentally put in the wrong game. Always double check with the creator for clarification if using this tool.

After downloading the zip file, simple unzip it. click on the “plumbob” to launch. **User beware, you will be prompted a new “version” is available. DO NOT OPEN IT! You will be lead to a broken link. I have read the comments to this tool on MTS and the creator has been made aware of this.

As you will see after scanning the mods folder it appears I have several conflicting items. This I’m going to assume is due to the creator using the same mesh or something. mod conflict detector



Creating tool – Sims 4 Studios. 

This tool is essential for anyone creating for the Sims 4. TSR does have their own workshop tool, but I have found S4S to much more simpler to use and it has so much to offer. **NOTE: You must register to be a member with Sims 4 Studios in order to download**

Jackpot: Updated 6/2/2106 to current patch.

With gender barriers eliminated, most CC won’t be available for both. With Jackpot, there is a simple easy fix. Once launching Jackpot, click on Tools > Batch Fixes> CAS > Update CAS CC for all genders. Another little box will pop up, click “RUN”. Another little box will pop up stating “processing”. Most if not all of the CC will be updated. The team has also created a backup folder for you, just in case cause you never know what might go boing.

updating with s4s

Now that your CAS CC has been updated and you’re in CAS, under any of the sections (except eyebrow, it didn’t work for me) in the Filter box it will state either masculine or feminine. Clicking on the “x” after them will remove the filter.

removing gender preference


the sims 3 badge


DELPHY’S DASHBOARD:  Use this to scan all .packages before putting into your mods folder.

CUSTARD a.k.a. CLEANINSTALLER:  Use this to scan all of your .sims3packages before installing them into your game.

Downloaded from the exchange (or other) and you know the lot isn’t corrupt, but after putting it through Custard (Cleaninstaller) it says it is? Here is a way to clean it up, from simmer InaMac69 over on Simtech:  (she’ll walk you through step-by-step (along with pictures)

S3Pe: Use this to look at all those codes in your mods folder that haven’t been renamed. Just look for the word “Icon” or “Thumbnail”.  Creators will need this tool for some creations if you wish to add a thumbnail to your .sims3packages.

P2FX has a tut on nraas How to use S3PE to clean up your save-game. This may help reduce any lag you may be experiencing.

How to use S3Pe to clean SNAP out of your game: Simsasylum has a way to clean out all those SNAP (pictures) out of your game. ***NOTE: THIS IS AN ADULT SIMS SITE, YOU MUST REGISTER IN ORDER TO BE ALLOWED IN***

DELPHY’S SIMS 3 PACK EXTRACTOR: A good tool to have for when you download sims from the exchange or CC sites and you want to install them as .packages and not .sims3packages. In your downloads file, I make a new folder and give it a name. (I call my the extractor files) place your .sims3packages in there (you have unzipped first!) Open up Delphy’s extractor, browse for the folder, and tell it where you want the extracted files to go. (I put mine to desktop) you will need to use s3pe to decipher the codes of the extracted items, if there is a lot that was extracted, like from a sim off the exchange.

SIMS 3 CRASH LOG ANALYZER: This is a game crash analyzer. It will tell you exactly why your game crashed and steps to get you back up gaming again. **This tool is linked to Zoxell, who is not the original creator of this tool.***

 Package Viewer From the folks over at Simlogical and the Dead Nights, comes this very useful tool! I’ve tested it out and it works, taking the tedious work out of seeing what some of that coded CC is in your mods folder, that has been in there for ages and you just can’t remember “what the heck is that!” Just download, unzip and double click (or right click select open), go to documents- Electronic Arts-mods-packages. All of your CC will show up WITH a picture to match! You can disable CC, delete CC or if you have a pattern in there and no pic shows up, there is the option to “show it”, this will open the file, highlighted and if you use s3pe, you can right click select “edit with s3pe” and it will open it where you can then select ‘icon’ or ‘thumbnail’. Another must to add to your collection of useful programs to have on hand.

Twallans (NRaas) Mods: Tons of tools (mod) for your game. ***These need to be checked back for updates.***

CC Cleaner. Make sure there is no left over residue after uninstalling. Instructions found at Clean Install for Dummies (nothing personal, that’s the title for this topic on the forums)

If you are having problems patching your game via the launcher, there is a Super Patcher  available through EA. You can find instructions here by Nichaedemus along with the manual patches(PC ONLY). Remember as of Patch 1.22.9 or higher there is noneed to patch each pack (ep or sp) separately as all patches now go directly to the base game! **NOTE: There are no manual patches needed for Mac users.**

You may also want to check out this thread from modthesims and simsvip for manual patching. ****When doing the manual patching, it is possible that any of the ep/sp’s may not have patched automatically to the newer version they should be at. FordGT90Concept over at MTS has The Sims 3 Patch Downloader that will update those packs to the current version they need to be at. It’s really easy to use, just download, unzip (click ‘extract to here’), double click the icon and allow the program to run, if prompted, next will be two boxes. The top box will have all the ep/sp’s + base game listed with current version and updated version. The lower box will show the status of them being updated. Below the second box are two check boxes and those will be how you want to patch your game. Either single or simultaniously. This is a very simple easy tool to use.***

Razor Game Booster. I have downloaded and installed this, popped into my game and boy load time in CAS was dramatically reduced! What this tool does is shut down (temporarily) all background running programs allowing your pc to devote all its energy to your game. Upon shutting your game down, all background programs are resumed. Don’t worry, it doesn’t affect your security! Not unless you were to shut them off yourself, but who would do that!

Mod Updater: This is NOT a mod but merely an application created by Tuckwit and is now part of Nraas.  What this tool does is very simple, it saves you from having to download and update your mods in your game separately. This is a MUST HAVE application. I have it, downloaded and installed, which also very easy to do.  Once set up and running, it’s easy to just click UPDATE and poof your mods are now updated. You can also clear your cache files,( except Socialcache is not included in this) remove mods, refresh.   However, you still must check back in with Nraas to make sure the mods you want to update are not back in or still in the “testing phase”.  If they are, your mod will only be updated to the current stable state of that mod. More in depth information can be found here on Nraas.

Cupcake Testing: This tool will only work if you have Deliciously Indulgent Bakery. Done by Chain_Reaction this tool will promptly restock all selling racks and cases at 5 am.



the sims 3 badge

1) If you want a sim off the exchange-DO NOT DOWNLOAD TO GAME! Download as a ‘SAVE’. Then use Delphy’s extractor, s3pe (to help pick the items you want) and Delphy’s Dashboard to scan before placing in your game!

2) ALWAYS REMEMBER TO SCAN YOUR CC BEFORE PUTTING IN YOUR GAME! It will save you a whole mess of headaches in the long run. Corrupt CC and even conflict CC can mess up your game!

3) AFTER DOWNLOADING ANY OF THESE PROGRAMS…DO NOT PUT IN YOUR GAME! They can be left in the folder, usually the downloads folder, where they were put at. Unless the mod dev specifies that you need to place it elsewhere.


5) CLEAN OUT YOUR CACHE FILES. Make it a practice if not a habit to occasionally delete the following cache files: simscompositorcache, CASpartcache, scriptcache, compositorcache, worldcache and socialcache. Yes it is safe to delete these as the game will just regenerate those files again. Especially delete them after any downloads, including a new pack and after any patches. If you don’t want to take my word for it, that’s okay, no biggy or problem. I’ve provided you with a link. Still unsure where to find these files? See my tutorial on my tutorial page.

Also after patching/updating, you may want to clean out your browser history/cookies. To do this, go into your control panel> network/internet> internet options>delete history/cookies.

And last but not least, I’m also going to include on here some of Crinrict’s blogs. They are very, very, very helpful.

Another thing that I do faithfully, and especially after I have hosted sims in my game. I delete my cache files, and use s3pe to go through my DCbackup file. Although one of the newer patches was suppose to stop CC from getting deposited in your game, I have still found some in my DCbackup file, that I know I never downloaded and put in my game. And I have had screenshots from their game in that file! Weird….I know! ****It is safe to highlight and delete everything, except the file named CCMerge, inside the DCbackup folder.***

Game lagging and don’t know why? Check this out. You may find the answers here.

New to CC/modding. Check out this handy forum topic and remember the steps and tools mentioned above for checking those mods to make sure you don’t end up with corrupt or non-compatible CC.

Game Issues:

If your game is crashing and your getting a pop up that say’s something like, “Windows has closed The Sims 3 Launcher”… You may want to look into the DEP.

Your game not starting and you get a message saying, “The Sims 3 failed to start” or “Service Initialization Failed” and a code? There may be a problem with CC not being compatible with your current version. How do you fix it? Go here

You get a message that says, “connection to server lost”, what do you do? Sims VIP has some useful information that may help you.

So you have Windows Vista. And you want to know if you can run The Sims 3 on it. Here is a link that will tell you step-by-step in how to determine if you can.

Your game crashed, all your CC is fine, nothing corrupted, no messages as to why. You may have some bad files in your DCCache. Not to worry, if you don’t get rid of these “corrupt files” your game will forever continue crashing. SimsWiki has the files you can safely delete out of your DCCache.

Game not launching? Having problems launching your game? See my page How to bypass your launcher

Trying to save your game and you’re getting a “save failed code ‘x’ “?  There is a link for that. But, it’s a little outdated. You need to use some common sense here and use your brain. It’s okay…using it won’t hurt one bit.   (hope you haven’t accomplished too much before you went to save, cause if you did, you’re about to loose it all. I had this lil annoying issue come up.) I scoped out what EA had and realized that in the “saves” file, mine looked nothing like what they said. So, I closed my game WITHOUT saving. (Bummer, yeah, I know. Luckily I hadn’t done too much that day.) Then I went into my Sims 3 documents, saves file, and deleted the file that said (my sims name).bad. Yeah! It actually said BAD! Then I ran Delphy’s Dashboard and s3pe (to decipher the codes) and scanned my DCbackup file. And low and behold, just as I had suspected, there was bad CC in there. Not mine, this was crap that I never seen before. Any guess where it came from? I’ll tell you, a hosted sim. I’m not blaming any of my sims friends. They probably don’t know. Another issue I will be bringing up to someone’s attention. While they put out a patch to stop CC from being downloaded to your game, it still manages to get into your DCbackup file.

Here is some more help with the failed save errors 12,13, 15 & 16, what they mean if you get one and a work around:

Can my system run The Sims 3?

Now that question could mean the life or death of your machine! Not to mention if you spent the moola on a game, popped it in, installed it and…WT????? is wrong?

Yougamers has a tool that can test your system to see if it is base game compatible  This site is no longer available.

Simprograms also has a tool that not only allows you to test the base game, but ep or sp’s too.

Thanks to MTS for posting this and another simmer for sharing it.

So remember: Before you buy…check to make sure your system can handle TS3.

Invalid code error~For obtaining premium content downloads. I’ve had this happen to me and just recently. If you buy digital download games from Origin (EA) and there is premium content that is included with your download, you will receive a separate code along with a link to register for your content. Sometimes you might get the message “Invalid code entered, please try again” or something along the lines of that. I went to EA, did some research and discovered that this issue needs to be handled with a EA advisor. So you have some options here. You can do the live chat to see if it your problem can be resolved that way OR you can call EA Support line, 1-866-543-5435 (US). I’m not familiar with the number for outside of the United States of America.

How to make CC paintings with TSRW and Gimp using an EA painting mesh.

This is a tutorial on how to make CC paintings done by me. It took many hours of trial and error before I finally got the outcome I desired and decided to share my tips on how to do this. You can find my tut at Simtech, here. You will need to be a member in order to view this tut. It’s free and easy to join, plus as a member you will enjoy many more benefits than non-members do.


I know it seems like a lot, but in the end it is all well worth the investment to keep your game up and running, no funky things happening (like your sims showering with clothes on, yup…happened to me), a little bit of extra time is all that is needed. If you want CC in your game, then you will want these programs to help you keep your sanity and not waste your time asking the moderators. All of us simmers have to help each other out, and keep the game going with as little headaches and stress free as possible. From time to time some links may break or the creator of that link/blog may move it. If you happen to come across one that is not working, PLEASE let me know so I can fix my link address to that site, tool or tip. Thanks!



2 thoughts on “Tools & Tips Updated 7/1/2016

  1. tynjer95 says:

    I know by now your are probably like ok women enough with all of the questions. I don’t expect you to answer them all at once and if anyone that follows you can help me with my questions i do appreciate. I was wondering if you downloaded all of these things to help with cc and modes if you decided to get sims 4 how would they effect the new game? And has anyone put more than one sims game on their computer for instant Sim 2 & 3? I’m asking because what if I want to get Sims 4 can I have both Sims 3 and 4 on my computer? Sims 3 takes up a lot of space. I know if I have enough space I should be fine just want to know if its possible to have more than one game on system

    • mamajanaynay says:

      I don’t mind the questions at all! The only stupid or silly question, is the one not asked. So ask away anytime. Yes you can have more than one sims game on your computer. There shouldn’t be any problems with you downloading The Sims 4 and having TS3 on the same computer. Each game will build it’s own EA or Electronic Arts folder. I don’t have TS2 on my pc but my 15 yr old does and she hasn’t had any problems with them ( TS2 & 3) conflicting with each other. Now as for the mods, many of the creators who are doing mods for TS3, won’t be doing them for TS4. It’s a lot of work keeping up with all the patches that have been thrown at us. I personally wouldn’t dream of taking on something like that in a million years! I am so grateful for those who are brave enough to dive into such inventions! As long as you have the space recommended for your games, your pc can run any of them, you should be good to go! Happy simming!

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